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    networking printers through a pc

    hey that worked. Thank you gsahli.
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    networking printers through a pc

    Thank you, The printer is an hp all in one hp 2200 Thanks for the help
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    networking printers through a pc

    I have been everywhere and i found a few answers but they far to confusing for my dumbarse. I have a mac and my girlfriend has a pc. The pc is connected to the router and the printer. When I had a pc before I was going thru the pc wirelessly to print. Now I have my Mac and I cannot figure out...
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    epson r220 cd printer

    I have a epson r220 cd printer and i loaded the software on bot a mac and pc. It works fine on both but when I try to take a file done on the mac and bring it to the pc or vice versa, the file is shadowed out on my thumbdrive and won't let me open it. Any idea?
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    .mac mail usinf the mail app

    How do I change a port on the mail server? I cannot connect the mail app to my mac account. Actually the mail app at all. It says cannot use port 143 and also 993 is the other option. But under account info I have port 25. The others are under ssl. I have tried with ssl off & on but cannot...
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    bl/wifi upgrade on quad g5

    I am trying to install a bluetooth/wifi kit on quad g5 but I cannot find instructions. I can see where to put the wifi although it seems to not have to be plugged into an antenna like the old ones. I cannot see where to put the bluetooth although there seems to be 2 wires to connect to the...
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    adding cdr drive to g4 powermac

    wow, I thought that would be an easy question. I have tried a sony and mad dog combodrive but both came saying "does not support". Would that be drivers? Software? Any ideas?
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    adding cdr drive to g4 powermac

    I want to add a cd r drive to an powermac g4. Does that require mac drivers or can any cd r drive work? Thanks,