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    Revert Firmware back to 4.1.8?

    Unfortunately, you're out of luck. Even if you're willing to reformat your hard drive, it won't make a difference to the firmware, and Apple's firmware update won't let you go "backwards in time." Maybe someone knows a hack to force the old firmware to load...
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    Firewire drive won't appear on Desktop with 10.1 install

    I'm experiencing the same thing, however, it's more than that. I usually leave my firewire drive on, and the system will get stuck when 10.1 starts up as it checks hard drives. Booting back into 10.0.4 fixes the problem. I tried copying all the FireWire related Extensions (in...
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    help!! trying to unistall os x

    Actually, I went ahead and removed public beta's various components manually by booting off another os9 partition. osx seems to install a couple of additional system components which I'm not sure of the effects of removing. Oh well...
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    help!! trying to unistall os x

    Anyone had any success in uninstalling the public beta without having to format the partition on which it's installed? There's got to be a better way. Oddly, if you drag the "System" folder (when booing from os9), a dialogue box pops up saying you cannot drag this folder to the trash, do you...
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    Running on a G4 Cube

    I've got the public beta running on my cube as well, except sound does not work in classic either. However, I *am* able to get sound in OS X (from the mp3 player for example). If you look at the console after classic starts, you probably get this message: Sorry, No sound on G4 Cube...