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    Need to create e-covers on my Macbook, HELP!

    You could use Google Sketchup to draw up the box (as your template). Paste your images on the sides of the box. You can then visualize your product in 3D. hth
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    Wikipedia — gone, or is it just my ISP?

    Try to check with this >
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    Computer won't boot

    To boot from CD when the iMac won't startup from the hard disk, restart the computer and hold down the mouse button when you hear the startup sound.. The CD tray will open. You can then place the OS X install CD, and boot up from there. hth
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    CPU won't go to sleep after timer

    My iMac G4 won't go to sleep automatically after I did the Security Update 2005-009. Tried all the usual steps like repair permissions. Even used AppleJack. Manual sleep and wake works fine. This is the first time it has ever happened - after getting the Security Update. One time, I left the...
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    iTunes stop time

    How about checking Preferences>Playback>Crossfade Playback and playing around with the slider?
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    URL sites ending in .tk not accessible Safari

    ElDiabloConCaca, I'm hailing from Manila, Philippines. As I've said, the pc sharing my internet connection is able to access .tk sites. Somehow only my mac is unable to find the .tk servers. So it couldn't be my ISP. I used to be able to but not for the past few weeks. Updating to Safari...
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    URL sites ending in .tk not accessible Safari

    I'm having the same trouble here myself. I've tried 3 different browsers and all those ending in .tk shows the same "server not found" error. I know it's not my isp because the pc that's connected to our router sharing the same internet connection can browse .tk sites. Any thoughts? I'm...
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    can print from jaguar but not in classic

    unlike in OS X, you have to install on OS 9 your particular printer driver, in this case your epson. check the cd that came with your printer or go visit epson for an OS 9 printer driver.