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    Installing Mac OS from external hard drive

    Create a macOS Sierra Boot Install Drive ● Connect the USB drive to your Mac ● Rename it as “SierraBootInstall“ ● Go to /Applications/Utilities/ >> Search Terminal and open it ● Into the Terminal, add the following command syntax - sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\...
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    Boot Camp Assistant Crashing After First Page

    Run the below command from macOS Terminal and check the issue from there 1- diskutil list 2- diskutil apfs list
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    Catalina Boot camp still on partitioning

    Do you have sufficient space for partitioning? I would like to advise you to start-up Mac by Using Safe Boot Mode.
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    Recover from incorrect restore

    Hi, There is no way to reverse the process but you can recover your Ms office files using Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac. It recovers up to 1GB of data for free and you can also buy the upgraded version (Professional or Premium) for unlimited lost data recovery.
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    Safari 14 won't support Adobe Flash Player content. If you want to endanger your personal data you might try a third party browser like firefox. In Safari 13, you can enable the Flash Player Settings -