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    internet explorer and AIM crash on launc

    internet explorer and AIM crash on launch---- don't know what triggered it. Safari is working luckily. tried trashing aim and installing the new version---but it crashes upon launch. ran disk doctor and it repaired one file. but same problem occurring. any idea what the problem is and how...
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    Core MIDI Crash (FIXED---here's how)

    FYI, I was in the process of saving for a pc to run my midi based programs after the last year of problems with my mac---core midi kept crashing and would only be fixed by reinstalling the entire system. This is after purchasing disk warrior and trying to run my mac as minimal programs as...
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    Midi System out again (also mac mini q)

    osx 10.3.9, g4 dual 867 tower, 1.25 gb ram Midi system is not responding again through cubase(worked 2 months this time since last system reinstall and system update). Midi system crashes when trying to open it though audio/midi setup. Seems to crap out after i start using graphics...
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    Hello there---I'm having exactly the same problem with teh midi setup timing out, and crashing. Reason/cubase will not run. Must be a 10.3.9 problem? Were you having problems with 10.3.8? I'm planning on reinstalling my whole setup---again. If there is a solution please let me know. dave
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    Midi System Not Responding

    my system: g4 dual 867 tower, 1.25gb ram osx 10.3.9 I am having a problem with the utility audio/midi setup crashing---because of this reason and cubase are unable to load. I was having this problem recently, but I erased and clean installed everything on my hd. Now the problem is occurring...
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    (help) midi support library (crash)

    is there any way I can replace just that particular file without reformatting my hd?
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    (help) midi support library (crash)

    Hello, g4, dual 867---osx 10.3.9. My midi setup (utilitiies:audio/midi setup) is now crashing. I was having this problem before. I recently erased/reinstalled my entire hd, and the problem was corrected after the clean install. I have no idea what is causing it to crash but I am unable...
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    (help) Can you boot from an external cd/dvd drive?

    Is there any particular reason why an internal cd/dvd drive would be better than an external? I haven't had any problems with the lacie external dvd burner for booting programs and such (booted the osx disks as well). I installed the major programs that I use yesterday---things seem to be...
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    (help) Can you boot from an external cd/dvd drive?

    I went and bought disk warrior. I ran it but was unable to retrieve or restore the midi setup. I'm getting ready to wipe the disk and start from scratch---without norton. Wish me luck!
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    (help) Can you boot from an external cd/dvd drive?

    I was just looking online at diskwarrior. if you recommend this I am willing to try it. This last year has been full of repeated problems with my mac, and I think that's about how long Ive been using norton systemworks. What about antivirus protection---could I keep norton av without it causing...
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    (help) Can you boot from an external cd/dvd drive?

    Sorry about that---G4 dual 867, mirrored doors. osx 10.3.9. The external dvd drive is a firewire drive. I was able to run norton by booting from the external dvd drive and holding down the option key. After I run disk repair in norton, my catalog b tree files keep coming up bad(the clump...
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    (help) Can you boot from an external cd/dvd drive?

    I thought my problems were solved when the mac repair store stated they had left the optical drive unhooked. It worked for 2 days and broke. So I am very skeptical about taking my business to them (plus I've been waiting for a internal cd/dvd rw drive for over a week now to come in at their...