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    Anyone else having network problems?

    It's not a help - just an FYI. I have been fine with 2 Systems on airport through a linksys router. Only thing I could remotely think of is - is the gateway set.
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    Chronos claims to synch Palm devices ??

    You sure they weren't just announcing support? Sometimes these PR guys get a little excited. B
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    Quickcam VC _ OS 10.1

    I don't think any of them work yet. I tried to get the Web Cam GO Plus and PC 300 Cam (New One) to work with the USB Camera utility. No go. They are supposed to be doing an OS X driver for the cameras as we speak, but it has been delayed. So don't be upset if it diesn't work yet. Also, some...
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    OS X + XP: Who will really win?

    I just heard that XP won't have DVD playback and CD-RW support unless the app pays MS to support it. Boy - no DVD or CD-RW at release - sound familiar? I also heard that you only get 4 device upgrades before you are locked out & have to call M$, and also if a program crashes - you have to call...
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    It's Here!!!...

    I think no one knew what it was. I didn't by the text in the header. I thought who cares until I saw some of the other posts. Then I became interested. I don't need a text editor yet, but I will check it out when I do some coding. I have to stay "Office" standard for now because of other...
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    need an opinion: airport base station or iMac as software base station?

    Base Station - you don't have to have both systems on to connect - more versatile.
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    Go Apple Go Apple !!!!!

    I am thinking streaming MP3 player for your stereo - ties into MP3 without disrupting it's MP3 player partners. (The people that made iTunes take off) SonicBlue, Creative. Maybe the PDA. That would bw the other good solution. B
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    Mail App

    Yes - I have the feature turned on that adds the extension automatically in Office 2001. I also have it turned on in Word for OS X. It seemed like there was an image file added in addition to the actual file. When I transfered them to the PC with a Zip drive, they opened right up. The Mail...
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    Mail App

    I saw a few threads on mail, but I am having trouble with Office attachments not being readable with PC users when they recieve my mail from the mail app. What are other e-mail apps that are native that are not having problems? Brian
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    Permission Problem - File Attachment

    I was trying to get a mail I needed out of my deleted users. I found the mail folder and drug it into the mail app folders. I could see the mail RE:, but when I clicked the mail, the content was gone - sort of like the pointer was removed. I think I am going to do a clean install when my OS...
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    Not a rumor: OmniWeb 4.1 in September

    I finally got OmniWeb to download - but not until I got a different download manager. I tried Omni Group's site & Apple's download page. I am more suspicious of IE now. Brian :mad:
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    I was so stupid to play with TechTool....

    I own a copy of Drive 10 if it doesn't work. I am up in Hatboro, and went to PSU too. Gotta help PSU people. :) Brian
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    Pathetic Pismo Problems

    I have the 400 Mhz Pismo with the 20 gig Travelstar & 192 MB of Ram. I have not had any problems. I have 10.0.4 and 9.1 running. Did 9.2 do a rom update? I put it on an iMac DV and now shut down and power management don't run right anymore. I was thinking a ROM update might have screwed you...
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    Not a rumor: OmniWeb 4.1 in September

    I would pay the $29.95 for the license. I bought enough copies of Netscape trying to support them. (Wasted Money) It looked like it had all the normal support for browsing. Did they give you a date for release yet? Seems like you know or are the rep? ;) I'll buy a copy on disk. Now I...
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    Not a rumor: OmniWeb 4.1 in September

    I'd pay the shipping and handling for OmniWeb 4.1 if it is better than IE. I would definately trust them more. It's definately not the connection - DSL here! :D Are there any issues with it working with Quicktime? Brian
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    Pay for 10.1?

    If it does every thing they say it does. My $20 has been sitting here since MWNY. I just wish I had the disk and not the $20 right now. If they don't hurry it up, I won't have any pockets left! Brian :p
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    10.2 64bit on a G5

    This actually might work to their favor. Most people are starting to learn about this now that the T-Birds are faster than the P4's. It could be the "Still Using Mhz & Ghz" campaign. Especially if the Itanium is starting at 80o Mhz. Itnel couldn't say a thing. It would actually be perfect...
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    Airport Software Base Station's Singal ... THIS WEAK?

    Check the Antenae connection where you plugged it into the airport card. They can be tricky some times. Also, have him bring the iBook to your room to check signal strength. It may just be the fact the walls are too think too. you will know this if he comes in with the iBook and you get a...
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    Permission Problem - File Attachment

    The system would not let the Admin log in. I created another admin. Then deleted my original user. (Oops - forgot about mail & pref's) I went back and re-created the account. Everything seems fine now. When I created the new admin account, I was the account that wouldn't let me in...
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    Not a rumor: OmniWeb 4.1 in September

    I just tried to download it with the IE that came with OS X. It started to do the download, but then IE freaked started opening tons of windows, and the download just locked up. I would almost believe it was M$ up to it's old tricks again. Anyone else having problems? Can anyone suggest...