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    iPhoto & iTunes

    I am making a slideshow with iPhoto, with songs from an iTunes playlist. I want to remove things like clapping during the begining of live songs and or just shorten some songs, so I used the start and stop properties in iTunes to crop the song, but when using the song in iPhoto for the...
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    Tiger Updates for Panther?

    I just bought the new powerbook, not more than 3 weeks ago. I was kinda assuming that apple would allow me to upgrade to tiger at a reduced price, but it seems they set the cut off date to be april 12th. there's a big difference paying 129 vs. 10 bucks for the upgrade. Do you know if apple...
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    Calling all UNIX GURU's

    if the above doesn't work, i'd go with reformat.. those are always fun.. doesn't your computer feel fast afterwards?
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    How does one use SSH?

    i haven't used ssh for a while, but i believe that: ssh -l username domain will do the trick. you should be prompted for a password, then it works like telnet.
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    Virtual desktops

    yeah that would be totally pimp to have a virtual workspace like in linux. and have a little applet in the dock that allowed you to switch workspaces, or be able to switch by moving your mouse over to the end of the screen for a little while. i'm looking forwared for someone to port this...