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    Anyone compile TRN for OS X

    Zim: Any chance you can give a UNIX-novice some additional tips on compiling trn? I made the symlinks you described, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by the 40-odd questions asked during the Configure script. Specfically, questions about termlib, extracting library files (I said no), what to do...
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    Networking macs onto PC LAN

    Samba: Make Mac shared volumes visible to PCs on the network. Free product. Sharity: Make PC shared volumes visible to Macs on the network. Commercial product. I use Samba, since once you have a visible share, you can basically go both directions; you just have to move the file to where...
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    Open app not visible in dock?

    Here's a description of how to do it: However, the problem is that this puts the app in background mode, which means you can't type in it -- so Stickies is not a good candidate. But other 'process only' tasks may be... -rob.
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    windows taskbar for macosx?

    Hmm ... I have one-click access to all the open windows, via the contextual menu items and the right mouse button (or use control-click). Pops up a list of the app's open windows, and off I go ;-). If one ever does get created, I really hope it's either third party (so I can not install it)...
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    Introductory Guide to OS X

    Interesting ... how much RAM do you have, and on what machine? Something doesn't sound right in the way X is running for you -- on my G4/350, I hardly ever heard the hard drive, with or without Classic. And if you read up on the VM system of 9 vs. X, X wins hands down according to everything...
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    Introductory Guide to OS X

    I've written a brief, non-technical intro to getting the most out of X. It will be most useful to those just starting the transition, but has some tips that you may not have seen before. I've also included info about how I've chosen to use the desktop and toolbar to make X as efficient as...
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    CGI and Root....

    there are a number of ways to enable root; a search on these forums would probably find about 15,000 posts with the answer. i'd tell you the command line version, but i don't remember it. i think there's an 'enable root' in netinfo manager, too, or you can reboot off the cd and pick 'reset...
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    Mac OS X wannabe questions

    You can, and it will (lifted from my site with my permission ;-) ... * cmd+option+click: Switch to selected application and hide all others. * option+click: Switch to selected application and hide the current application. * cmd+click: Open and switch to a new finder window containing...
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    So, does Virtual PC 4 Work with OSX?

    It will be an update, but I don't think I've heard if it will be free or a small charge. It's not a whole new product, at least based on what the boards are saying... -rob.
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    Fire in 4k78

    there's a new 0.21 version for post-PB's; did you get that first? -rob.
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    Does anyone know how easily OS X will fit in a common Windows office network?

    If you install a program called "Samba" on OS X, then the Windows machines can see shared folders on the Mac; there's also a program that can go the other direction, but I forget what it's called. There will be new programs coming out to handle this connectivity in an easier manner (aka "Dave...
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    Dual 733

    I have a single-CPU 733mhz machine that's been on order since early February. I slowed it down by adding the geForce3; now I'm wondering if I should put a hold on it, and wait and see if the duals will really be coming out...or if they'll sell an add-on card for the single-CPU machines? -rob.
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    So, does Virtual PC 4 Work with OSX?

    VPC 4.0 will not run under OS X, nor will it run in Classic. It will, however, run if you simply reboot into 9.1, which you can do at any time with OS X. Connectix has committed an OS-X version of VPC, due out sometime between now and July, from what I've read. -rob.
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    Mac OS X wannabe questions

    Yes, at it's core OS X is BSD unix, with some directories moved and/or renamed, and some Mac-specific stuff added in. For example, the webserver default page location is /Library/WebServer/Documents, which I hand't seen before. There's a freeware app called "space," which is a start to the...
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    Mac OS X wannabe questions

    x windows: You can install a commercial x-tools program (, or go the freeware route and install xfree86 on x (sorry, no URL handy but search these forums; the info is here). virtual screens: Hmm, I don't think so, but this is beyond my expertise. shells: tcsh by default, z...
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    Verizon Residential DSL and OS X

    Umm, I think that it kind of matters where you live. I have Verizon DSL in my house, and it's defintely not PPPoE. It works great with OS X, and as 'esc' said, OS X will have PPPoE built in, so you'd be fine either way... -rob.
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    Deep Fried Mac.. with cheese

    Desperate times call for desperate measures... You don't say what Mac you have. Many of them have a "motherboard reset switch" ... if yours does, you could try pressing that, and then trying to start up. Second option is to pull the powercord and the motherboard battery for about 10-15...
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    Get Broken mac icon when trying to install 4k78

    Not to sound cynical or anything, but ... wait 10 days and buy 1.0 when it ships? Short of that, I'd highly recommend a reformat anytime you install over the PB; make sure you wipe out everything on that partition. -rob.
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    OS 9.1 Problem.

    Ah, thanks for the clarification on general topics -- abd glad the Help Center thing cleared it up for ya! You can tell how long it's been since I've spent any appreciable time in 9, since I had no clue where that was! :-) -rob.
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    OS 9.1 Problem.

    Not sure how this is OS X related, but ... First try moving "finder prefs" and "mac os preferences" out of the System->Preferences folder and restart (move them to your desktop). One of them may have become corrupted somehow. If that doesn't work, try resetting the paramter RAM, which...