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    xBox 360 PPC vs PowerMac PPC

    Pear PC... this is/was an emulator to let users run OSX on an x86 PC. I ran early versions (Summer 04) and it took 6 hours to install 10.2.8 and had all the athletic agility of a snail with two bags of heavy shopping. Even the developers of Pear said it ran at 10% the speed of your basic G4...
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    tiger, tiscali & sagem 800 usb modem

    I have an Imac with a dead ethernet port. Is it possible under any version of Mac OSX to get it to recognise an ethernet port on USB plugged into one of the Imac's USB ports? I did find that System profiler under 10.2.8 saw a USB modem but the OS itself gave no option for configuration.
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    USB Problem

    Please feel free to edit/move this post. I spilt coffee on my keyboard this evening, and took out one of the usb ports. As a result the Imac G4 did NOT boot. Swapped mouse to spare usb port on keyboard, Imac booted fine. I mention this in case anyone else spills something on their keyboard...
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    Tiger updates have broke my mac!

    Following on from this, is it possible to create a bootable DVD with a minimal system install of Tiger, say, enough to access utilities, in the same way as I used to have a DOS Boot disk with tools like scandisk on it...? If this reply should be a new thread or moved elsewhere, please feel...
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    WARNING: Sony music CDs may install rootkits on Mac

    I wonder if holding down the SHIFT key when putting the cd in the PC would make a difference? I had a problem with the last Radiohead release and stopping the autorun feature prevented the CD from installing some copy protection program. I like to know what I am installing rather than have that...
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    Tiger updates have broke my mac!

    Your data is the most important item on the mac you have. You can always replace the Mac but not your data. Suggest that you get an engineer to pull the data off of the hard disk (if possible) onto a DVD. However if you have Tiger DVD you could try booting off that and running Disk First...