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    SCSI volumes not mounting under OS X

    PowerMac 9600/g3 266 card 256 meg iXM Twin turbo iXM Ultamite Rez 3d Faralon PCI 10bt card 4 gig IBM DCAS (desk star?) SCSI ID #0 (original drive) 9 gig Seagate Baracuda ST39140N SCSI ID#1 4 gig Seagate Baracuda ST34573N SCSI ID#2 Matsushita CD-ROM (original) SCSI ID#3 When I ran the...
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    Can't get past initial setup

    After a few more tries, I got it running... I decided to start from scratch again in hopes that this would solve my problem. I ran the installer and told it to erase and format the disk before instalation. The instalation got about 90% done, then showed a dialog that there was an error and to...
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    Can't get past initial setup

    Hi there- I'm running a PowerMac 9600, 256meg, and a 266Mhz G3 card running dual monitors on the original IXM TwinTurbo card and an IXM Ultamite Rez (Twin Turbo) 3D card. I am connected to the Internet via RoadRunner cable modem (DHCP). I installed MacOS X PB on an internal 4gig drive on...