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    Adduser command

    Does anyone know where I can download the adduser command so I can add a user through terminal in OS X? Or if there is another way? Thanks, /Cort
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    MySQL installation problem

    My guess is that you don't have the mysql user set up in netinfo. Check out this link to see how to set that up. Hope this helps!
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    10.1 broke Postfix! (and lots of other stuff)

    Ok, I"m getting this error when i send mail in pine, it sends but still does this as soon as it does. Problem detected: "Received Abort Signal". Pine Exiting Abort The sent-mail folder is NOT written, but the mail is sent. Any ideas on how to fix?
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    mysql backup

    Just wondering if anyone has a good way to do this...I need a program, or at least a way to get my MySQL databases to back up daily and am wondering what the best way is to go about this. Comments? Suggestions?
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    Building Apache on 10.1 Errors

    OK, I just reinstalled 10.1 after formatting, and also the 10.1 dev tools. I decided to rebuild apache and update it to 1.3.22 (directions on stepwise are updated...) I can configure ok, but when I do make, I get an error after a while and this is what it looks like: /usr/bin/ld...
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    Thank you, all I needed was the link. :)
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    I still get an error when I try to compile it. The Readme says to do gmake and i get and error, the same one if I try make. make: gcc: command not found make: *** [file_util.o] Error 127
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    Here is my problem...I want to run mICQ and downloaded it, but it is in linux binary code. From reading the boards, I know that you can't use linux binary on OS X, but is there a way to get this to run. I really like the though of being able to use terminal to run icq. Any help would be...
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    4K73 Install Demolished my .app icons

    I had to completely format and reinstall my hard drive to get this problem to go away when I got the final version of osx. It sucks, but it works a ton better when you do this.
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    shn files?

    there is a shorten file for macs...used to convert shns to aiffs or wavs. it works pretty well as i use it often. should have the information you need ;)