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    Verizon e-mail on mac mail

    What number do I set the server port for (in the outgoing smtp server) settings?
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    Can\'t send attachments from my Mac E-mail

    Thanks, I'll try the PC attachments thing.
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    Can\'t send attachments from my Mac E-mail

    I'm using Mac mail (I guess that's what you'd call the little postage stamp at the bottom of the screen) and when I try to send attachments, it appears they're going when I hit send but people on the other end never get them. How can I get attachments to complete the journey? Sam
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    Os9 Classic Preferences

    OK, I'm stuck in the loop. I try to launch "old" programs that ran on OS9, and get the vicious, and seemingly unsolveable cycle of not being able to find classic preferences. I even downloaded an OS9.2.2 update thinking that would help. But of course when I go to install that, I am kicked...