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    printing out osX finder window

    ??? Lets say I have a 6 page long Finder window in os 10.1, it shows a "list view" of my files and folders. I really would like to print it out quickly, as I can using system 9 or earlier. HOW DOES ONE DO THIS (SIMPLE) TASK? Note: I have a Titanium G4 PB, 500 MB RAM; HP 5MP printer...
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    browsing directories in column view = load of crap

    This is what still really pisses me off the most about 10.1: I rely heavily on browsing of directories for file access. Often using keyboard, arrowkeys. Thus, I thought I would be pleased with the handy column view in the Finder. But in 10.1 column view, once a single directory has more...
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    DVD player features in OS 10.1

    :) I would add that, in this release, you can fast forward and reverse at variable speeds using keyboard: command + arrow(s) Subtitles do not flash during fast forward or reverse however.
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    DVD player features in OS 10.1

    What else would be nice to have in terms of features? - a good (times x) Fast Forward button. - a good (times x) Rewind button. ... P.S. Bruce Lee classics rock on this thing as is! Quite simply, it's a next level DVD viewing experience.
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    DVD player features in OS 10.1

    Did I mention that the DVD player in OS 10.1 ROCKS MAN!!! Yeah. :cool: Attractive "controller" buttons: 1. Slow Forward: 1/2x, 1/4x, 1/8x 2. Forward "Step" 3. Subtitles Virtually no skipping - even when multi-tasking in other apps man! Nice preferences too! Much more...
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    Reseller upgrades: Post who has it

    If you're in Boston, check out the CompUSAs. (take the red T to Central in Cambridge, or take the 86 bus to Brighton) I got my copy of 10.1 in the Brighton Store on Market Ave. today. (Did I mention: IT ROCKS!!!) Bring your update cupon - and take your OS 10.1 (+9.2) CD package home!
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    When will OS X get faster?

    I don't know Admin, my gut tells me Apple programmers are running this osX on such fast machines that they don't mind (or notice?) any speed problems. Apple, please listen - this osX 10.03 is a snail on my top of the line Titanium G4. Hello? There need be no 1-2 second delays everytime I...
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    know thy mac

    Here's a cool way study how your mac thinks, with the help of the command line. First, open "CPU Monitor", set it aside in your dock, let it flow at basal thought levels. Then, open "Terminal", expand the window size, and type: top -u -s 0.1 10 ... and watch your mac max out the CPU...