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    Apple burns faithful for $1 per iPod

    According to Apple, the new iPods do come with AC adapters, so they must have a USB 2 port instead of FW.
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    The "I'm Back" thread

    I'm back now. :) But I'm also at Macfora and I may actually post more often there. But I am giving this place a second chance. Adam
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    A clean start is possible, but it's up to us!

    This is a bit strange because I hadn't been posting here for a really long time and then yesterday I came back to complete insanity. From what I've heard and seen about the censoring, deleted posts and bans it seems to me like it was mostly Admin's fault and that most of the people banned and...
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    first mac?

    My first Mac was a Classic. I was really young then, like 5 or 6 (I'm 15 now). I remember being obsessed with the game Shufflepuck. God, I loved that game, lol. It still runs fine in Classic in OS X. :) Adam
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    About Web Browsers....

    As I have said numerous times before, IMO OmniWeb is the best browser for OS X. Even if IE 5.5 is really fast, don't really care about that too much. OmniWeb has a far better interface to IE's and if possible, I always try to avoid using any Microsoft apps. :) I've tried Chimera, and although...
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    OmniWeb 4.1b6!

    Yeah, that's part of it. The table bug effects many different web pages. On the pages it effects, it usually cuts off some kind of frame or box on the page. On Webmail, the right side of the toolbar is occasionally cut off. On these forums, the box with the "Subscribe to this thread"...
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    OmniWeb 4.1b6!

    I agree completely, Jadey. I also think OmniWeb has by far the best interface of any browser. It's toolbar is very consistent with the rest of the OS, and is by far the most Aqua-ish of all the OS X browsers. Also, the download manager, bookmarks and history are the best I've seen on any...
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    OmniWeb 4.1b6!

    Damn, they're starting to release more than one sneakypeek a day! Anyway, it doesn't seem to improve the table bug at all, at least not in these forums, and the release notes don't suggest that it improves it at all. Hopefully OmniGroup will be able to fix this by July so that they can...
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    OmniWeb 4.1b6!

    Yeah, you're right. I hadn't noticed that before. If you reload the page, it renders correctly though. Adam
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    OmniWeb 4.1b6!

    The table bug was really bad in sp83, but in sp84 it was significantly improved. The table bug on versiontracker seemed to be fixed and the bug on Apple's Webmail, where it randomly cut off the right side of the toolbar, doesn't happen nearly as much, although it still happens occsaionally...
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    anyone here going to mac world expo in july?

    I'll be at MWNY. It's pretty easy to get there when you live in NYC. :)  Whatever is released then is going to determine the new Mac I get. I'm hoping for some nice new G4 towers w/ at least 1.2GHz at the mid-end and DDR RAM. :D I can't wait! Looks like it'll be a great show this year...
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    Show Your Dock

    OK, the pigeon icon is Adium, the best AIM client around, IMO. :) And the globe is OmniWeb. And yeah, I have a pathetically number of posts, considering how long I've been registered here. :D Adam
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    Show Your Dock

    Yeah, 70 posts! Pretty pathetic actually, since I've been registered here since January 2001. I have .15 posts a day, LOL! :D Adam
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    Show Your Dock

    Here's mine. I try to not fill it up too much. I think the dock looks horrible when it's so small, and I like to keep it big enough to see how many E-mails I have in Mail without going down and magnifying the icon. I use FruitMenu for the apps that I don't use frequently enough to fill up my...
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    Poll: What's the best E-Mail client?

    I personally can't stand Entourage. It just has too much crap that i don't need, and it's too slow and it's made by Microsoft. :) Apple Mail and the Address Book give me all the features I need for E-mail and contacts. Adam
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    Apple webmail

    Damn, this is REALLY annoying! OK, that last post was me, not Divibisan.
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    Yeah, Macs are definitely catching up in terms of games. Most of the really good games we do get eventually, it's just that we sometiems get them a bit later than PC users do. But I think Mac game companies, especially Aspyr, have been great about getting PC games to the Mac. And now that Macs...
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    iWeb or iBrowse?

    Yeah, the iApps are just for Apple's digital hub strategy, so I don't think an Apple browser would be an iApp. Anyway, I think an Apple browser could be cool, but I just don't think it's one of Apple's priorities right now. Adam
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    Let's speak Babelfish! Come on, just this once!

    LOL, BlueFusion. :D In a pathetic effort to keep this thread alive, I've done another translation. :) This one got COMPLETELY screwed up, LOL. English-->French-->German-->Back to French-->Back to English "It is true annoying that there is not information or of noise with regard to...
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    Avatar icon contest

    Thanks again, julguribye. That looks much better. :) BTW, does anyone know of a OS X app other than Photoshop that'll just make an image transparent? Adam