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    Roxio Popcorn

    I've been useing Popcorn since it came out. Great product- and no, in my experience it does not re compress files that will already fit on a single layer DVD unless you choose main movie only, just goes straight to burn like Toast does. There were issues with playback on some brands of players...
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    SMC Wireless Router and USB printing

    My linksys router finally gave up on me, so when I was at CompUSA last night I found and purchased a SMC Barricade g router with built in print server. Says that the router is Mac friendly,and installed easily on all the router functions-except- the printer server. They have no setup...
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    A PC after Apple's Heart

    This computer was reviewed on The Screensavers tonight (12-19). I guess the conspiracy goes deeper than we all know!
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    Apple sightings on TV and movies?

    Jennie Garth uses both an iMac and a TiBook... funny that show aint doing better than it is.
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    First post with Safari on!

    there is a pop up killer in the prefs... don't know how good it is yet though
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    Register Here

    Register me too!
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    Is anybody else having problems connecting again to Twice in one week is getting to be a joke... Glad I payed to be this frustrated
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    Sidekick Anyone

    I'm sure lusting after one now. Need to see it in person to know for sure if I'll pay the $300.00 to change my phone over. Does it feel well built? I need something that may have to take a beating. If there becomes a way to sync with iCal/ Address then I'll probably be sold.
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    I Broke My iBook!

    No idea on what may be broke, but as to where to take it to get checked- Uh.....MadMac?(or Mac Docs) Both are great with customer service and fairly reasonable.
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    Connecting Newton 2000 with OS X

    there is a product called "NewTen" that will allow you to install packages under OSX, and it will work with a few USB adapters, but your data dosen't show up in finder- it doesn't mount the Newton as a HD or other device. This is from the last time I checked into this (it's been a few months)...
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    Test your real-world machine speed...

    Tested with no programs running except some taskbar apps. Typical Instructions: 600.0 MIPS Fast Intiger Instructions: 2.2 BIPS Running 10.1.5 (5S66) 768 MB Ram 800mhz G4 Tower
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    Connecting Newton 2000 with OS X

    Yes, it does... but only through classic. You still have to use Newton Connection Utilities (NCU). There are a few newton developers that are working on a OSX only solution, but it isn't there yet. The only utilities that have been written for OSX are package installers as far as I know.
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    Connecting Newton 2000 with OS X

    If you can get a supported network card then that is without a doubt the best way to connect to your mac. it can run either through the computer directly or through a router/hub. Go to and search for the list on supported cards. I got my card off of ebay for about $15.00...
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    A good multibutton mouse for X ?

    I've always had good luck with the Kensington Mice (mouses) also. The new Studiomouse by Kensington looks promising too. They designed it to fit with Macs specifically. Check it out.
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    PowerMac 5300 RAM & Clock Question

    all you need to add the ram chip to the 5300 is a T7 torx screwdriver. Remove the three screws that run down the center lengthways on the bottom of the computer. With the screws out you can then lift the keyboard up from the bottom edge of the board. The ram chip goes in under the keyboard on...
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    The Gatesmobile

    This was just forwarded to me and I thought all would get a laugh. Sorry if its been passed around before The Gatesmobile At a recent computer expo (COMDEX), Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the auto industry and stated, "If GM had kept up with the technology like...
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    Newton advice

    I agree witn the Admiral;)... get a 2100 or at least a 2000. Check with Gem enterprises on EBay or their website. I bought a 2100 off of them in a "dutch auction" for about $100.00 and the quality of it is excellent for as old as it is. They have been very upfront about the quality of what they...
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    If Apple is going to keep up...

    Actually, devices like these will have a market and will be useful, Maybe not to the average home user- but in my industry it will be a godsend. I work as an electrician in a steel manufacturing plant. The amount of information I need to haul around with me to keep track of equipment status...
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    [FAQ] - 802.11b networking

    I just did this a few days ago at home. I went with the Linksys BEFW11S4 Cable|DSL router with 4 port switch. It was only $199.00 at CompUSA ($169.00 if you order online). The setup couldnt have been easier. Go on to the Linksys website and check if they have the instructions on setting up your...