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    OSX x86 leaked?

    The rumors on slashdot are saying it's a generic Intel motherboard in the developer boxes, so the chances of it running on "grey boxes" is quite good compared to when Apple ship a full blown system that they have had time to design and lock down. I would personally be quite happy to be able to...
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    OSX x86 leaked?

    There are several fake OSX_86 torrents kicking around the net. Most are about 956MB too small for an OSX installer, they are an .iso that just does a pornographic splash screen on startup, so don't waste you time looking for them.
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    Diablo grinds to a crawl after installing Tiger

    I installed the MaxOS X 10.4 Tiger update, last week, on to my dual 1GHz "mirror" G4. The performance of Diablo dropped right off to almost unplayable. I had to turn off OpenGL, by holding down the option key, on launching Diablo, and setting it to software video. The 10.4.1 update that came...
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    DVD-R media compatible w/SuperDrive?

    Make sure you use 2x speed disks, the new 1-4x disks, even from Pioneer that make the superdirve, will only write at 1x. 2x disks will however write at 2x. Go figure! I know not why.
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    Hooking iMac up to a TV set

    I just bought an ADVC-100 that plugs into a firewire port if you have one of those. It acts like a DVD camera for both input and output with DV compatible applications.
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    dvd burning

    Not sure about iDVD, but the DVD player works fine on my Samsung DVD player CD burner that I bought from the local PC bits shop. I do also have a brand new Pioneer A05 DVD burner, but iDVD is out of stock until iLife ships on the 15th. of Jan. so I won't know if it needs a firmware hack until then.
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    Safari lacks. Doesn't have tabs.

    I am running a couple of Yikes motherboard old G4/400 PCI machines with 256MB, and Safari works fine on those under 10.2.3, nice and quick. Mind you, it's best if you are on cable or xDSL not a modem dialup or you will find it hard to judge the speed of Safari.
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    Oops I made a mistake, the MacAddict4Life team is actually 4 places ahead of Team MacOS X, however they are slipping back quickly and should be overtaken by Team MacOSX. I found some usefull team stats at : My 400Mhz G4's are holding up well...
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    I just joined team number 1971 which is "Team MacOS X" they are the highest ranking Mac team I could find, currently coming 25th. overall. I figured a few old g4/400's and other bit's an pieces couldn't do too badly. I love the client software how it draws...
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    Join the Folding Team!

    There are a lot of teams with OSX int the name, I could not find or tem 10361, so I joined "Team MacOS X" which is team number 1971 and coming 25th. in the competition, it seemed to be the highest scoring Mac team I could find. This looks like a...
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    Making VCD's on a PowerMac. Can I? Easily?

    I have done it, it's very awkward, I wish someone would write a single click or command line script to do it, with perhaps a set once config file. The quality is fantastic and played on a DVD/svcd stand alone player and also with vlc under Mac OSX. The link to instructions is ...
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    Apple DVD Player 3.0 rejects PCI G4's

    I read there is a hack to fix the Apple DVD Play 3.0 so it will work on B&W G3's and early G4's. Does anyone have a link to the hacked version? The main site on yahoo has been taken down. - Ernie.
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    Apple DVD Player 3.0 rejects PCI G4's

    I think the wireless is based on the lucent chipset, if so someone will come up with a driver eventually for 10.1 as there are wavelan drivers for linux and FreeBSD already. I am not familiar with the Lombard model, which range is that? - Ernie.
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    Apple DVD Player 3.0 rejects PCI G4's

    It appears that Apple in their "wisdom", have removed DVD player support for the early PCI video G4's and G3's, meaning I can't play DVD's on Mac OS X 10.1. Rebooting to MacOS 9 is not practical for me. Does anyone know if there is a version of any DVD playing software that will work with...