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    Mountain Lion surprises part 2

    Address Book of Snow Leopard has been renamed to Contacts. This obviously brings the problem old AppleScripts using AB won't work any more... But the most surprising, all addressbook images have disappeared, and I can not add any images to any contact any more. What am I doing wrong...
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    Mountain Lion surprises

    Using MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo 8GB memory; - went from Snow leopard to Mountain Lion; -- is my perception correct Mountain Lion is very slow in loading applications (Excel, Word) and files, compared to Snow Leopard? Is Mountain Lion as a new version adding fat like new Windows...
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    How to fix address book integrity

    The contents of the Address Book in my Mac is consisting of the following development over a number of years: - Office 2000 & Outlook in Windows 98 - - Starting to use synch with Nokia phones - Office 2003 & Outlook in Windows XP - Office 2007 & Outlook in Windows XP - - Joining to...
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    Parallels - disk space requirements

    Using MacBook Air with 80GB disk. Probably could assign 32GB for Parallels & XP. Thanks for the advice!
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    Parallels - disk space requirements

    Need to get back running Outlook in Windows, and thus looking if to install Parallels. The question is how large partition on the disk is needed, if using Win XP plus Office 2007 in Windows side? The Outlook file size is currently about 1.5GB.
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    Transferring from entourage to native

    I am using Office 2008 Entourage with MAC OSX 10.5.8. The problem with Entourage is related to synchronization, especially down to phones. The synchronization is cumbersome and non-predictable, especially between Entourage and Address Book contacts. One alternative would be to use iMail...
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    Bridging timecapsule to network

    I tried hard, but could not make it. The problem is: - I have Time Capsule, which is connected to DSL line, but is not in my study, and the DSL line location is not available in my study - I want to move Time Capsule to my study to connect printer, scanner and other devices to it - I bought...
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    Bridging timecapsule to network

    After moving the apartment I have too long distance from the only broadband plug to my study. I have timecapsule, which I would need for my printer and other devices, but cannot wire it to the plug. I know I can buy AirPort Express, but how do I bridge the incoming network from AE to Time...