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    Xserve being replaced?

    Xserve does have software raid. It was developed for big environmentally controlled computer rooms. Two blowers and a fan in the power supply make it too noise to put in a office. The tower server is for classroom and small businesses that do not have or need a computer room. Tower serves the...
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    Won't Print...

    I beginning to think it is a virus.
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    Cheapest Network Printing Solution?

    thanks for your input, Feline. I had the same experience with HP. The second time I talked with them they seem to think a driver for the JetDirect was coming. I had also discovered the ability to print in Classic on the network. But it is a silly work around. Thanks for the the info about...
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    Cheapest Network Printing Solution?

    I have used a HP JetDirect to network my HP 970Cse but it is no longer supported. I understand USB print sharing is not supported. What is the least expensive network printing solution for a home network running 10.1 and 9.2? Thanks
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    System Preferences will not stick

    I have been using 10.1 since release. Love it. Wednesday I had a problem with Mail when some how one of the mail boxes got locked. I finally unlocked it in the finder and it is fine. But I also made the mistake of installing the new Netscape and when I tried to install it as the default in...
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    Mac OX X 10.1 Mail Quits Unexpectedly

    I also started having a problem with Mail yesterday. The SendMail folder showed up blank. I finally found the folder with Sherlock but it had been locked. Once I unlocked it from the finder it now shows up. I also can no longer like from email to my browser. Repeated attempts to reset the...