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    Project Builder Help!!!...

    I ran into the same problem. Doing an import of Cocoa/Cocoa.h fixes it up. I don't know if that's the most correct header to import, but it gets the job done.
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    Missing Sound Fix???

    If your machine uses the 'awacs' sound chipset, you can enable sound. I know this chipset is used in the 7500 class machines, and I think others too. To enable the driver for awacs, you have to edit something like: /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAudioScreamer.kext/Info.plist (That...
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    Stuck At 640x480

    I'm afraid I've never worked with any of the newer hardware; so I'm sorry to say that I don't think I can help. Sorry, Tobey
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    always boot in verbose

    It depends on your machine! For my 'old world' 7500, I have to append the -v to my 'boot-device' variable. Hence my system would read: #nvram boot-device 0 bootr #nvram boot-device=0 bootr -v NOTE: This is only good for the 7500, and please check the syntax before trying this! Tobey
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    ATI XClaim 3d

    Has anyone had any luck getting the ATI XClaim 3d (plus?) video card working with OS X? It appears that OS X loads the ATI Rage 128 driver, and after redrawing the screen ( when the acutal GUI starts up ) I get a kernel panic. So, has anyone had any luck with this card? Thanks, Tobey...
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    'failed to file map system file' Error

    Anyone else getting this error message? ('failed to file map system file') I got this several times in the log during the install, and I also get this several times during normal system operation. (The message shows up in the logs; visible in the console application.) I believe I've seen it...
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    Stuck At 640x480

    What kind of video care are you using, or are you using the internal video? If you're using the internal video, do you have a monitor with a mac-style connector, or a standard PC style VGA connector? I'm using a PC monitor, which requires me to use an adapter to connect the monitor to the...