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    Application Menu

    I discovered a simple way to have an application menu. Launch a classic app, this will give you the regular OS 9 menubar. Go to the application menu and tear it off and leave it sitting discreatly on the side of your screen. This will list not only the classic apps, but the OS X apps too, and...
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    dns and host name stuff

    I was under the impression that you need to have at least two name servers on two different networks. That would mean that running your own dns service wouldn't be sufficient. I do think there are some open source (free) services out there, though.
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    Disk First Aid in X

    Just to make sure everything was OK, I ran the carbonized version of Disk First Aid under MacOS X. It found two moderate errors (I forget now what they were). But, it doesn't let you repair them because unlike the recent versions of DFA, it won't work on the startup drive. Classic DFA...
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    random small os x gripe

    That's the way that shift and command have worked in almost all other mac apps. Now the finder works that way too. I think that it's an improvement.
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    Appletalk Problems

    I'm only seeing 5 computers on our whole network when I do command-K, and am not sure how to look at different zones. However, I did find that I could run the classic chooser and connect to other computers that way, and they come right up on the desktop the way they should!