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    Does anyone know if Intuit is coming out with a OS X version soon??? I searched their website and can't find any answers as to when or if they will support it..
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    Unix File System

    I'm a little frustrated that Apple so far has not chosen to implement a Journaled file system. I've used unix box's with and without journaling and not having it can be very painful(Hours of fsck's). I'll bet though Veritas will enter into the mix and offer up their JFS product after the...
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    Lowest End Machine for OSX

    Hey everyone, I'm a unix admin and of course I have a few machines around running various OS's just so I can keep learning. My question is, what is the lowest end used or new machine I can by to put OSX on and not feel confined by my decision. An example is a while back I installed Linux on a...
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    tar: Failed open to read on /dev/nrst0 <No such file or directory>

    Exactly, when you don't specify the f option it automatically will go to the default device. An example is if I don't use the f it will go to my default device which is my tape drive. I'm assuming that probably is trying to write to your floppy drive or where it should be.