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    What would you like to see in iPhoto 3?

    I want to see the ability to simultaneously delete a photo from an album and from the entire photo library. As it stands now, I see a picture I no longer want in a particular album, and I delete it, but it only removes that picture from the album. I then have to peruse the entire photo library...
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    Erk DVD region code and 10.1 !!?

    For more info on region codes go here. I also find region codes to be a royal pain in the @$$. Basically, the reason they exist is for a couple of reasons. First, let's say a movie is released in the US. Well, this movie will not be released at the same time all over the world as the is...
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    is osx a true unix system

    Strobe, you have to be the most miserable and most bitter person that I have ever seen on a message board. I have not read one positive post by you about anything. I only read how bad this is and how sucky that is. You never tell me what is great about the mac... only what sucks about unix...
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    Speedup hint: UFS Filesys is Sssssslloooooowwwwwwwwwwwww

    John.Marco, You stated, "UFS is decades-old crap anyhow. Give me a journalling file system any day. UFS performance is not exactly stellar under FreeBSD on my peecee." Using the 'tunefs' command you can enable softupdates on your UFS partition. This will speed up your disk considerably...
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    What makes Linux better/differnt than OS X?

    I assure you, more people in the PC community think of windoze before they they think of linux. FYI, Linux can run on Mac's so it's not just a PC thing. In fact, it will run on sparc, Intel, Alpha, and PPC and maybe a few more I can't remember. Linux is great because you control the OS...