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    Apple buying SUN

    Hi all, Apple buying sun, don't really think so yet, but there is another Unix workstation vendor, that apple could look at, that is sgi (silicon graphic). Irix (the sgi version of UNIX) was known as the most user friendly version of UNIX that was available. Apple seems to be moving...
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    OS X Desktop redraw problems

    Hi, I have too noticed this problem, on my iMac so I don't think it is your video card. Also on the macnn forums in the general osx forum, there is a posting about the 10.1.2 update. In this someone has posted the list of bug fixes, and this is one of them. So when 10.1.2 appears (of...
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    Hard Drive Corruption

    First thing don't use norton, it can cause issues, what you need to do is use "fsck" (file system check) its a command line util. But for it to work properly you will need to be in single user mode. To get into single user mode, there are two things you can do, the first way is to hold...
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    It's Here!!!...

    One thing I have found if you download a file, and it comes through as say attachment.php open it with stuffit and lo and behold, it will work... Benjamin
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    MS spying through Office v.X?

    I havent had much luck getting it as of yet, not too much of an issue :) I am having a look at tcp flow, and looking at putting together a bunch of scripts, that will make setting up ipfw a little easer, its based on some ipfw scripts that I put together for some FreeBSD machines I...
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    How to quit the graphical OS from another Mac ?

    I am still not 100 percent sure where to Add hosts in NetInfo. Any Idea? Ta Benjamin
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    MS spying through Office v.X?

    I may try and find a copy of the beta, so I can have a look into this, it is quite odd. This will only realy become an issue though if the final version that MS ship in november, does this, I wonder could it be something to do with .NET. BTW which version of Office X is it. Regards...
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    MS spying through Office v.X?

    This seems quite odd that an application like office opens these ports, I cant see why, are you using the mail client at all? What you would need to do is monitor network traffic on your machine, an application line ettercap (its on version tracker) will help you there, what it is, is...
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    MS spying through Office v.X?

    Hi, Firstly. Which ports are they? Secondly, what you could do is use a firewalling application such as brick house to close access to these ports from the outside world, you can get brick house from: tell me if this helps...
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    How to quit the graphical OS from another Mac ?

    Hi, in regards to the warning you got that is normal, it is just that the first machine doesn't "know" the other. Next time you connect you won't get the warning, unless something odd happens and your ssh key changes, don't worry about it. The second issue about the time it takes to connect...
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    10.1 On Legacy Macs

    Okay, it can be done, with mac ox X at least not sure about X.1 tho. have a look for something called Unsupported X. Benjamin ps I am going to get a copy of a modified OS X cd that will allow X installs on unsupported machines....
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    Printer problem

    Unfortunatly epson printers aren't supported well at all with mac os x at all. And from what I have been able to find out from epson a lot of printers won't be supported. But who knows..... Benjamin
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    Burning a dmg file in Winblows XP!

    I got this from another forum,:) it works... I usually burn diskcopy img files (toast images, iso image, what have you) using cdrecord on a linux system using cdrecord, but I recently had an occasion to burn a dmg. I tried it with cdrecord, which resulted in a coaster.. but it turns out...