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    site is very slow today

    haha! serves me right for working on a PC. :) i'll give it a go when i get home. thanks for the response!
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    site is very slow today

    i'm actually having difficulty as well. i'm running IE6 on a Dell PC, and the images are on a permanent "downloading picture..." state on not only that, it affects all other websites i try to access after visiting before i reboot, i get an "explorer.exe" error...
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    Can I Download MacOS X for Free?

    i agree w/ mikec 100% it's all about separating the proverbial men and boys. mac would never have the time/enegery to support every average joe who can't get his clock to read digital. by paying $30 for the beta, we become players in the stepping stone of mac history instead of it being...
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    Powerbook G3 (Lombard) problem

    i've yet to run into any problems with my installation of X. i simply tossed X over 9.0.4 without partitioning my HD, and everything runs smoothly. i'm a designer, and was impressed to see photoshop, illustrator, and quark working together without a hitch in the Classic environment. i'm also...