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    It's a stand alone, a quality freebie... I like to think of it as a gift from the game developers to us, the good-lookin gamers! Ahh, I love my rose coloured glasses :)
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    It's a good little game ET, used to play it on the PC, gonna download it for the iBook and see how it runs :p For mac gaming you can't beet World of Warcraft or Warcraft 3... long live Blizzard
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    iTunes freezes when playing/importing some CD's

    Im using an iBook G4 with OS X Tiger and iTunes 6. Sometimes when I try to play certain cd's in iTunes or try to import certain cd's iTunes freezes until I eject the CD (which takes roughly 30 seconds once iTunes has froze). Most of the time iTunes has no problems with my cd's but with a...
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    HOWTO: Download Album Artwork for iTunes

    That fetch art program is fantastic, makes the job a LOT quicker, the only slight problem is that if you're in the UK (like me :)) then when you rip a cd, iTunes likes to put "[UK]" after the album name which means that fetch art can't find it, but if you edit the info of the tracks to get rid...
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    PC user needs help with mac

    I know that Virus' are very few and far between on a Mac, but what about Spyware? Is this a PC only problem too? I do a lot of internet banking and shopping and am always a bit paranoid about this ;)
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    Laserjet 1010 Not in the printer list

    That worked great, thanks guys! Woulda never done it without ya :p Thanks :) Murdock
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    Laserjet 1010 Not in the printer list

    Hi, I have an iBook (running OS X Tiger) which is wirelessly connected to a home network via a wireless router. On this network I have a Windows PC to which a HP Laserjet 1010 is connected via USB. I would like to be able to share this printer on the Windows PC so that I can print from the...