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    Dual Monitors & Desktops

    Okay, the thing that needs to be realized here is this: OS X is not finished! When you encounter something that doesn't work, or doesn't seem right, or whatever, it doesn't automatically mean that what you want to do isn't doable. It most likely means that Apple hasn't gotten around to putting...
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    Secreat Options!

    Ahh, sorry to burst your bubble here, but the thing about the examples included with the Developer Tools is that they're just that: examples. When the example is named "Appearance Sample," it means that it's just an example of how to do things with the appearance and stuff. Most of the things...
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    My first horrid OS X experience

    Seems to me like something must've changed whilst you were moving your fonts there. You might try to restart and hold down option-v (before you see the happy mac). This puts you into verbose mode, which shows you all that is happening under the fancy GUI when the system boots. It just might, if...
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    Themes ...

    Do you mean a theme for OS 9 that looks like X, or what? Cause I looked (albeit, rather quickly) through the archives there and didn't see one for X. Here, though, is a link to a screenshot which will give you an idea of what the themeish thing looked like...
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    Themes ...

    Yes it is possible, and yes it has been done. I remember when it happened back in the PB, this guy (I forget who, and I wiped my X partition when the final came out, so it's all lost now) actually made two of them. I seem to recall having something to do with the window manager...
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    Human Interface Standards, the Dock and More...

    I agree. a certain extent. Many of the things you speak of are associated with "Macintosh." But the thing you have to realize now is... This is not "Macintosh" in the sense we knew it before. This system is new. Much of it is more logical and intuitive than what we knew before. Having...
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    different background on two monitors?

    I don't think you can. Obviously Mac OS X is not done yet, and many things are not quite finished. Especially when relating to two monitors. Such as this: try unplugging your monitor while your computer is off (or before you restart) and then see if you can start up. This is, of course, a bug...
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    AIM Supported MacOS X HERE!!!!

    Not only does AIM suck, with it's ads and it's bloatedness and it's general badness, but Fire was out way back when. The guy has a bunch of other stuff too. He's been making it for a long time, it's totally free, you can grab the source code... *takes a big sniff for the little guy* GIVE ME...
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    Error using CLASSIC on startup

    Well, I dunno, but you might want to unplug the CDR unit. That could be causing problems, although I sorta doubt it. Another thing to do would be to restart in native 9.1, and see if it'll boot then. That way you can identify whether it's a Classic problem or a 9.1 problem. Sorry I can't help ya...
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    Classic Environment

    Ahh... I was under the impression that it was supposed to do that? Classic launches, and as soon as it's done, it's windows go away. It runs in the background now, there is no 'Classic' application that runs anymore. Can you launch your Classic apps, though? Or have you just not tried because...
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    Change System Panes!

    If you search for Pin and Orient elsewhere on this site, you should find out how to make those popups work (albeit not in the System Preferences). It amounts to a simple editing of a plist, so don't worry, it's not too scary or complex. But then, if you were worried about that, you wouldn't have...
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    You Want UNIX???

    Why does that sound so dangerous to me? I dunno. But if you don't want to do that, you can logout, type ">console" as the username, no password, and login. You get the same happy UNIX command line, but without the... I dunno. Killing a process so deeply rooted down doesn't seem like a good idea...
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    9.1 Sleep/Sound probs

    When I installed X, I thought, 'Hey, why not use my existing 9.1 for my Classic? That way I won't have to deal with different preference settings, and of COURSE Classic has come lightyears since the PB, so what could go wrong?" Yes, I know that was a pretty dumb thing to do. Anyway, after...
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    Remote Access won't work when i restart in 9.1

    Well, I sorta had a similar type problem. It had to do with my disabling of several extensions. Since it's probably an extensions conflict, here's what I'd suggest doing: Select the OS 9.1 All set from extensions manager. Restart and see if you can open Remote Access and connect, make...
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    Is X installed on your external USB drive? I seem to remember that X might have problems with that. Also, you will want to get more RAM before you can use X effectively. It's going to be slower than molasses on your machine. :( By the way, this post should've gone in the Report Problems forum.
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    Final Verdict...

    Yep, I feel pretty much the same way. I'm glad to see someone else saying "Hey, it's for early adopters." Many people just say, "It doesn't work. I hate everything about it." The thing is, it really is for early adopters right now. In coming months, it will get much better. Much better.
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    hiding directories from users - huh?

    I believe the command is actually <b>defaults write AppleShowAllFiles yes</b>
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    Change behavior of Cmd-Tab

    Well, I dunno about changing to the most recently active application, but if you hold shift whilst cmd-tabbing, you can cycle backward through your applications.
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    Dock feature request

    Sounds good to me. Does anyone remember the DiskDock idea that floated around briefly? Similar to that, only not in a separate dock.
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    App Menu: Icon?

    Uhh... uhm... gee, I don't have any clue. Something global. How was it controlled in the PB?