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    Is there a "sound" docking?

    Hi, Does anyone know of a docking for controlling the system sound volume? Thanks!
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    Is this a bug?

    This seems like a bug. 1. Activate a menu on the menu bar, but don't select anything. 2. With the menu still visible go to a folder in the dock and press and and hold the mouse button until the popup menu appears. 3. Select "Show in Finder" from the popup menu. 4. Nothing happens until...
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    Outlook 2001 under Classic Mode

    I have version 5.02 (2022) of Outlook running in Classic just fine. I needed to set up the internet connection in OS-X though. Make sure you are connected to the internet before you hit "send and receive" in Outlook. If I don't do that, I get an error. Keep trying, it should work! :)
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    Resizing the dock

    This is probably old news, but I just noticed that you can resize the dock by clicking and dragging the vertical separator bar in the dock. That's much easier than opening the dock preferences. An interesting variation is to hold down the option key. It seems to limit the size of the dock...
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    I really hope this is true. I only live an hour from Woodfield mall. It would make sense to put a store in Woodfield since its one of the 10 biggest malls in the U.S. and its in Schaumburg where all the real great shopping is to be had in Chicagoland. :)
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    Flat screen iMac

    Okay, here is my vision of the ultimate iMac. It has a LCD touch screen that is removeable from the base. The two parts stay in contact through airport. The monitor has its own processor to render the screen from directions from the host. OS-X was built to handle just this sort of scenario...
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    is it possible to use my video camera with iMovie2 on OSX

    Check out the iMovie section at the Apple website. Go to the page about shooting your video. The sidebar on the right lists the equipment compatible with iMovie2. At the bottom of that list is the converters that work with iMovie. Good-luck! I love iMovie :D
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    When I first installed OS-X, I didn't partition my drive. It worked, but I didn't like it. There where multiple OS-9 folders. One set for regular OS9.1 and another for OS 9.1 running classic. I found it confusing. Also when I installed the developer tools I got a wierd error at the end...
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    Cant repair osx partition using DFA

    I am having this same problem. DFA in OS-X tells me I have several problems with the OS-X partition. The repair button is disabled, however, because the program can't repair the partition used to boot the system. So I booted to OS 9.1, but DFA in OS 9.1 told me the partition is fine and has...
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    Unix File Format vs HFS+?

    When you install OS-X and you select the option to wipe the target partition, you can format the partition as HFS+ or the Unix file format. Has anyone tried using the Unix File format option? I am planning to try it myself later tonight and see how well it works. I was wondering if anyone...