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    Vodafone Broadband UMTS cards

    I read mixed opinions about whether the new vodafone broadband internet (UMTS) cards will work with MacOSX. Does anyone *know* that it works, and what needs to be installed/configured to make it work. Thanks Robert.
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    playing this rascally .avi file.

    There isn avi2mov utility that might help. I guess you get it through cnet
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    Post your transfer speeds using Airport

    I have noticed extremely poor airport service with my TiBook, but this is in both 9 and X. I have also noticed that connections are unreliable in X, when they are solid in 9. Frankly the range is extremely poor using the airport card and the TiBook. The iBook is not much better. Using a...
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    When compared with the Sony Network Walkman it really is far too big. It may well be comparable with other similar sized MP3 players. My NW-E3 is 8cm x 3cm x 1.5cm and weighs only a few grams. It only has 64MB, but the new ones have much more. Most of the weight is the single AAA battery that...
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    Understanding the iPod

    I would like to add, many people have commented 'why doesn't this work with PCs ?' Apple are in the business of making macintosh computers. That means that everything they make should fit with the product line, and should be complimentary to their core product. There is no reason that a...
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    iPod is very cool, but too big, and probably too heavy. The idea of taking a hard disk jogging is a bit worrying - I hope it comes with a good warranty. But it won't stop me getting one, cus it is just soooooo cool!
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    How to use miniDV tape as a unix device

    All, I would really like to use a firewire attached minidv tape drive (aka a digital camcorder) as a tape drive - that is all it is at the end of the day! Does anyone know if this is possible, and perhaps could give me some guidance how to create the device ? My end game is to be able to...
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    SMB can run over a variety of transports, but it most commonly these days over TCP/IP. Netbeui and Netbeui Frame Protocol (NBF) are cutdown versions of SMB for small (not routed) networks. I would suggest that you have both CLI (new name for SMB) and SAMBA on the mac. Unless something...
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    Tom, By default Windoze machines do not necessarily install TCP/IP. You must explicitly do this, by opening the control panel, clicking networks, and using the applet to install TCP/IP - can't give you more explcit instructions becuase it is different in EVERY version of windows. Once...
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    Sugestion for DVD on a B&W?

    X.1 ships with a really good DVD player, but so far I have seen no cracks. There is a change to the driver extension for OS9 that allows you to use OS9 as an all region player Check out luxifers site on this subject - just search for luxifer on google to find it!
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    Files missing in finder

    I was hoping this 'bug' would be fixed in 10.1..... Quite consistently finder does not keep its view of a directory up to date. When a file is written to a directory - by for example stuffit - it does not appear in the finder window. The file is definately in the file system as it can be...
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    10.1 Speed Not Acceptable

    It is not so much the overall performance of the finder that is the problem IMHO. The finder is at least as fast as any windows machine I have seen (once the windows machine has been used for two weeks and has got slow - another discussion!!). The problem that MUST BE FIXED is that the...
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    USB Printer Sharing

    You CAN share USB printers between classic environments running under X, and also to other macs running OS9. Just set it up in classic as normal and arrange for classic to start on login.
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    sharing printers whith mac os x ?

    Off the point slightly, but SAMBA enables your mac to be a server to the PC (SMB/CIFS) world, but it does NOT allow your mac to mount disks shared by PCs. SAMBA is open source, and has been ported and packed for OSX it is very straight forward to install.
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    Toast Titanium

    USB connected Freecom portable CD burner FC TRW 4420. I guess hey will do the port/re-write anyhow, but your purchase as soon as it is done will encourage them! I saw a review in a UK published Mac magazine and bout Toast 5 for the VCD/DVD support - but it was just fortunate that it worked...
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    Toast Titanium

    I have Toast titanium 5 and it works just fine in Classic for me on 10.0.3 I also note that Roxio have committed to provide a free upgrade to X for all those purchasing 5.0 All of the features claimed for titanium work just fine including background burning. Sorry to disillusion the above.
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    Modem access from Classic

    JoG, Thanks for your reply, but I think you must mis-understand my need. Port replicator allows you to re-direct IP ports between the Classic environment and the IP stack within the core OS. I am looking for a way of allowing a Classic application to directly access the hardware devices...
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    Modem access from Classic

    I wonder if anyone has had any sucess in accessing modems from Classic applications ? I do not mean using TCP/IP services from Classic, but actually being able to access the modem hardware to establish an application level connection. My problem is that I would like to be able to send a...