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    10.2: Will we notice the difference?

    So far, everything is amazingly snappier. One thing broken: canoscan N650U no longer can be found in classic photoshop 5.5 plugin, however, it can be accessed just fine from within OSX using vuescan, which I just downloaded to try. CONFIGS: G4/400 Yikes PCI, with newly installed ATI radeon...
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    Adobe GoLive 5 w/ 9.1 & 10.0.3

    I'm only guessing here, your classic system folder the same as your normal 9.1 boot folder, or is it separate? If its a separate trimmed down Classic, then its possible you need to boot once from it and run golive to make sure it runs ok, then reboot under OSX. Or, if you have golive...
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    Why does the startup disk not stick?

    also, after you've highlighted the startupdisk, be sure to hit your "enter" key. when you do, you'll see the rainbow wheel spin. after its done, your choice is then "hardwired" for lack of a better term.
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    Root password and the Sudoers File

    an even easier way was suggested to me and it works! just boot from the OSX CD and when you get to the intall screen, go up under the menubar and you'll see a "reset password" or similar choice. (I'm at work not on OSX so dont recall verbatim) check this and it will allow you to reset the root...