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    Take 2 unreliable

    I've updated to Take 2 twice, and both times I've restored my TV to the original software. Both times it's had the same problem, after the iTunes update I tried again thinking that would be the problem, it didn't help. Audio stops and stutters, and 3 times the whole thing has frozen...
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    Parallels and Leopard, no taskbar

    Anyone encounter this? The taskbar is there in convergence mode, but just missing in full screen or windowed mode. Everything works all right, but you can't see the taskbar, or click on anything that should be there. Was working fine under Tiger. Very annoying. I'm running (well, actually my...
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    Access Control Lists and Leopard problem

    So under Tiger I used Access Control Lists to share iTunes, iPhoto and iBank between my wife's account and mine (we could both add songs, edit pictures, enter transactions, etc and the other person would also have the same changes when they opened the program later). To do so I put all the...
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    Free upgrade to 10.5

    Crap. Bought 5 days too soon.
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    Anyone who has issues lately with AirPort Extreme plz read.

    Have you tried putting it in g only mode? I was having dropped connections and other assorted problems as well, which went away when I ditched n. I think you have to hold option when you click on the menu to select the mode to get b/g or g only as options.
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    VMware Fusion suspend problem

    So I installed the trial of Fusion. Liking it so far, but one thing isn't working that I thought would be. I installed a boot camp partition and then had Fusion look to that when I installed Fusion. But I can't suspend my session when I launch Fusion. Is this because it's using the Boot Camp...
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    Apple TV on the road of success ?

    I don't know. I have one, and it's nice enough. Lots of potential, but I think Apple needs to change some fundamental things before it will be a killer device like the iPod. If the changes in that article are correct they'll be on their way. The TV/Movie studios seem hell bent on keeping...
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    Parallels or VMware Fusion?

    VMWare is also $30 cheaper right now I think.
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    Partitioning new HD with Leopard in mind

    Well, I guess since we'll have been using it for only a month or two an upgrade install would be OK. In the past I've just had better luck with a clean install when putting on the next OS version. That is a good point about the bundled apps though. Don't they give you a DVD as well should you...
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    Partitioning new HD with Leopard in mind

    So we have a new iMac on the way. When it gets here I'll be partitioning the HD for boot camp anyway (setting aside 40GB for that). I'm thinking it might be smart to partition the rest of the HD to separate the OS from the rest of my files because it's a sure thing I'll want to do a new install...
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    Connect Xbox 360 to 24" iMac

    I don't think the iMac has DVI in, only out. As such I think you'll need some 3rd party solution to convert the signal over USB or Firewire. Someone who actually has an iMac in their hands could tell you better. Mine hasn't come yet.
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    Color profiles and multiple users

    So I recently made a color profile for my monitor. Never did it before, it looks great. When I saved I made it so all users can use it. I can select it on my account, my wife on hers. However, when we fast user switch both get set to the generic sRGB profile and when you click on any other...
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    Opinion: Mac Mini vs iMac?

    OK, a decision has been reached, an order has been placed. The wife decided 2.4Ghz > 24". Went with a 500GB HD, will upgrade RAM with 3rd party stuff. Should be very good. We'll see how moving everything over goes.
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    Is Steve Jobs still an angry man?

    Keep promoting Jonathan Ive. He has personality, he has vision, and he can keep Apple on track doing what they do best. Whether he has the business ruthlessness or not remains to be seen, but Apple has built themselves back up based on design.
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    Windows XP on New Mac Mini

    If I read him correctly he has his own OEM disk and when it didn't work borrowed a friend's copy to try and troubleshoot.
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    Parallels or VMware Fusion?

    It depends on what you will be doing within Parallels or VMWare I think. I can't speak to VMWare, but I set my dad up with Parallels when he got his first Mac so he could continue to use his Windows Quicken files and access his old Micorsoft Works files. It performs wonderfully for that. I...
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    Opinion: Mac Mini vs iMac?

    So, rampant sexual innuendo aside, I have (surprise) another question about the monitor situation. Does anyone use two monitors? I never have except briefly. I'm wondering if having a 24" as a main monitor and a 19" next to it would be a weird transition. 20" and 19" would be closer, but then...
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    Opinion: Mac Mini vs iMac?

    It's not the $50, it's the screens. You sort of confused me. Did you mean to say that 4" ISN'T a lot? Otherwise you've posted a great argument for each machine.
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    Opinion: Mac Mini vs iMac?

    Hmmm. According to this article: The real world difference between a 2.4Ghz and a 2.16GHz from the last iteration is about 7 seconds longer to do common tasks (rip MP3, encode iMovie effects, etc). The refurb unit listed on...
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    Opinion: Mac Mini vs iMac?

    OK, so if we settle on the iMac, another question: How significant are the differences between the white and aluminum iMacs? I'm comparing a refurb 24" white iMac to a 20" 2.4GHz aluminum one. Again you're running into 2.16Ghz vs 2.4GHz, the old 667MHz FSB vs the faster 800MHz FSB on the...