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    Issues of Mail program

    2 recent issues: 1. I cannot send mail or forward mail with the Mail program. Everything else about it seems to be working fine. I receive mail, etc., but when I try to send a newly created message or try to forward a received mail, the Send button is grayed. 2. Formatting issues. Using...
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    web cam

    My wife and I have a mixed marriage. She uses a pc and I use a Mac (OSX 10.4.11). We have made peace with this difference, but we are now faced with a new challenge: With our daughter just off to college, which web cam can we Sklype and Ichat with that is compatible with both machines? Although...
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    When I plug in my iPod Mini, the icon shows on the desktop but iTunes doesn't appdear on iTunes. The warning appears in the window of the mini. I've switched cables, which didn't make any difference. Any ideas on what's happening?
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    Can someone explain why my Mail files are all give the day of an email rather than a date. I understand "today" and "yesterday," but beyond that it's showing "Sunday," etc., without giving the date. I must be missing some preference, but I can't figure out where it is. Thanks.