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    Can I uninstall Developer Tools?

    So I'm an idiot :p I installed the developer tools cd not knowing WHAT the dilly yo was :-p and now I'm unable to take it out of my Hard Disk because it's owned by the system?? I'd kinda like to get this HD space back-how do i do that? thanks. M
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    USB Zip250

    So, another quaint little bug -minor to say the least -as far as what I expected. I'm utilizing a USB Zip 250 and the drive is UNBELIEVEABLY!~ So, I spoke with iomega today and let me reassure what of great assistance THEY were!~ *laff* Nonetheless they said that osx had...
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    Disabling VM

    I totally appreicate the info guys -and kenny I didnt take it personal -in fact its funny, it IS a new OS- a "new" way of thinking -MODERN MEMORY MANAGEMENT doesn't mean jack to me *lol* but I'll take your word for it and heed your advice! :) M
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    Disabling VM

    So, OS 10.1 is cool, a few things that need to be addressed, but nothing anyone hasn't already pointed out...however I am saddened to see that yet another feature has left our grasp-the ability to control VM. I have plenty of Physical RAM installed on my iMac and I certainly do not need my HD...