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    dgl capable

    Hi, I want to run a program installed on a SGI machine remotely on my MacOS X computer which requires dgl. I do not have any problems with the connection to the X server and can start "Netscape", "xterm" and stuff like this easily. Does anybody know whether it is possible to configure XFree86...
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    A4 default- how?

    What I usually do ist just to copy the Localizable.strings in the /German.lproj folder to the /Localizable.strings in the /English.lproj folder and thereby replace this file. After this operation that has to be done as root the default papersize is A4. All this works certainly without using an...
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    XFree86 4.1.0 - XDarwin1.01a - rootless

    To compile IceWM you need XFree86 4.1.0 in order to have shared libraries. When installing the binaries do not forget to include Xprog.tgz. For compilation and installation of IceWM I used fink that can be found at Just follow the instructions given on the page and...
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    XFree86 4.1.0 - XDarwin1.01a - rootless

    Hi! I just installed XDarwin1.0a1 and tried the rootless mode. Everything works fine beside one problem: I loose my mouse within pictures opened in Gimp. In full screen mode it is no problem, in rootless it is the same in wmaker or icewm. I never had this problem before with the rootless...
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    AddUser on MacOS X client ??

    You can use the adduser script that can be found on It employs NetInfo and works very well. To start in console mode just type in the login window ">console" as username anmd return. bioX
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    XFree 4.1

    I found the problem on my own. I just not installed Xprog.tgz. After this installation everything worked fine including the rootless patch from MacGimp.
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    XFree 4.1

    Now I have updated to 4.1 and still use the quartz-mode. I also installed fink 0.2.3 and did not have any problems with dpkg... since 0.2.3 automatically grabs it from (for 0.2.2 you can get it there and put it in /sw/src). Afterwards I tried to install Wmaker but always...
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    Need a window manager

    Hi strobe! Now I tested Windowmaker in rootless mode as well and played around with some settings. You are right it is great but I have some questions: How can I reach the applications menu in rootless mode since clicking on the background with holding down command key will bring me back...
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    Need a window manager

    In my experience the IceWM works best in rootless mode. You can have the dock on the bottom and the Aqua dock on the left or right (how to change it see I installed it using fink without any problems. Since I am using Xfree86 4.0.2 with G.Parkers` rootless patch I had to install...
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    XFree 4.1

    Which version of XAqua did you install? As far as I know only 0.5 works with the rootless patch you can find on At the moment I run Xfree86 4.0.2 rootless with the IceWM. I got the needed shared libraries just by installing the test version of Xtools. Now I do not need Xtools...
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    Hi, I have recently started to try Darwin 1.2 on my Lombard Powerbook. XFree86 works fine including Afterstep. The only problem is that I just can start Afterstep as root (by su) but not as normal user. I think I added the right path to the .cshrc in the home directory. I also changed the...