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    What is this?

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    Keynote Video

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    International Apple Switch Icons

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    Apple Switch Icons

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    Panther Features

  6. W word association!

  7. W word association!

    bagel (good)
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    Your first musics and movies ..?

    DVD: Who Framed Roger rabbit CD: Probably, Smash Mouth - Astro Lounge iTMS: Burt Bacharach - Bond Street:p Cassette: Probably some Beach Boys
  9. W word association!

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    What *IS* that on the Soundtrack box?

    OOOOOO! It's soo00oo obvious now. I can't believe I didn't see it earlier. *chuckle that fades off* snoogins
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    What *IS* that on the Soundtrack box?

    yeah. I don't know. I was asking that myself a while ago. Lets take a look at the big image (attachment). hmmm. I see several things that could be volume knobs. I'm guessing it's something that nobody but the extremely professionals use and Apple put it on the box to tell the pros that they're...
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    What song is this?

    The song appeared in episode S03xE11 "Weekend at Burnsie's". It's the episode where Homer starts using medicinal marijuana.
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    Leonard Nimoy as Youve Never Seen Him!!! simply amazing

    This might just be the next Yatta.
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    Michael Moore

    I love Michael Moore. I thought "Bowling For Columbine" was great and I can't wait for "Fahrenheit 9/11" I like how he presents serious issues in a humorous way. "A Brief History of the United States of America" was hilarious. I saw him speak at a local college; he was great. PS: 1600th POST!
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    Wish lists

    I really want External 40gig HD for my music. I only have 20 gigs of music right now, but it's growing all the time. My all-time favorite gift is money. Some people think it's thoughtless, but I love it.
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    What song is this?

    Mahalo plenty :)
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    What Finding Nemo Character are you? (quiz)

    Marlin's cool, but I really wanted to be Crush. Oh well.