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    trouble starting classic in 10.1

    help... I got an error saying somthing like : "system" unimplemented trap what happend? I can boot to OS9.2.1 find.. but not starting classic any help appriciated. thanks in advance
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    Burning .dmg file woes!

    yiihaaaaa!! finally, all my bandwidth for downloading 5g48 is not a waste after all! thanks to you guys!! .... happily running 5g48
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    Burning .dmg file woes!

    great... now.. I don't have a cd burner on my mac, so I have to user NERO on my PC to burn it.. since it is a totally different area.. anyone know what's the option I have to user to burn it? thanks
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    Burning .dmg file woes!

    if anyone can shed some light onto this issue.. I would be very interested..:)
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    how to install 5G48

    :eek: what if we don't have a cd burner? is that mean we're stuck? any suggestions?
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    Mounting DMG image

    my OSX won't mount dmg disk image file, is there other utility to mount this file other the diskcopy? it doesn't even display any error, it just won't do it as if it's an unsuported file format.. thanks in advance..
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    so what will be the final build?

    What's going to be the final build number for macos 10.1?? can't waaaiiiitttt!!!
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    5G48 - nice

    uhmm.. I tried hours in caracho with no luck, everybody is soo stingy (unlike the PC community ;)) or maybe I'm not looking at the right place? anyways... how long till the final version is coming out?
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    5G48 - nice

    question? yes.. where did you get that build? :)