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    Classic Loads then Mysteriously Crashes silently

    I launch a program for classic or launch classic alone, and it loads fine. I get to the desktop and it crashes silently, no os x warning or dialog telling me it crashed. It just dissappears. I even tried loading classic without extensions.....? What gives.... Classic was more stable in DP4!
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    I know this is terribly frightening. I used FWB HDTK 4.0 and had the dp4 on it. The driver caused me problems as well. Some how I crashed os X and had to reboot. Man was that a horrible experience. I could not get the computer to boot period. I had to use my Linux PPC 2000 cd to even boot the...
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    OS X Pub Beta-How To turn Off/Remove Debug Code

    How would one turn off or remove the degugging code in OS X Public Beta. I would assume removing the code would be disasterous. I would really prefer to just turn off/bypass it. Anything will work. I just want to see if there is a great performance boost. If anyone is smart enough, please let me...
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    Here is my frikkin problem!

    Guess your luck sux..... feel for ya..... mine is on its way......
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    Why is MacOs X PB so slow

    I have an iMac 333mhz with 96mb ram and it runs slow as hell... I really liked the thought that Apple never mentioned you need 128mb of ram to run it efficiently, until now. Apple has stated they are aiming for a minimum memory requirement of 64 megs when they release the final. Also keep in...
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    Login locked in Qwerty mode :-(((

    Try logging in as admin and try changing your keyboard layout to another one. I really do not know as I only use U.S. if you cannot get it to work that way do a search for azerty keyboard layouts on the web.