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    Usb Drive Sharing

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    iMac 333 with Panther won't burn to external CDRW

    I've got an iMac 333 with no Firewire, and the internal CD-R died. I decided to buy an Iomega external CDRW rather than replace the internal, because I use this computer as my jukebox and wanted to be able to burn as well as rip. The CDRW drive is connected through a powered USB hub and...
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    Usb Drive Sharing

    I've got a rev. D iMac with no firewire port, running 10.2. I want to use it to host files on a USB external hard drive. My main reason for sharing on a mac drive is that our company's filenames grow too long for the 255-character limitations of PC-hosted/formatted drives. I already read...