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    Can't see USB devices Powerbook G4

    Matjazm, You are correct in that the G4 has a 500mah limitation on usb power. Found this on another post on this board. That is why additional power cable is required. Bummer as MAC's are usually cutting edge. I hate to admit Old Intel technology works where MAC won't.
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    Can't see USB devices Powerbook G4

    I bought a "Mad Dog" Aluminum hard drive enclosure at CompUSA. It came with a nifty usb power cable that works with my old usb hard drive enclosure. Only caveat is it takes both USB ports(1 to drive, 1 to power connector on enclosure) to power external hard drive but it works. I could have...
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    External USB 2.0 HD not recognized

    I have the same problem. According to another post on this forum. the cause is the USB port doesn't have enough power to support an external 2.0 USB drive that draws more than 500ma(according to poster this is a known limitation of the Powerbook. If it is true. Which I suspect it is. I'm...
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    Can't see USB devices Powerbook G4

    I was told that MAC would see USB devices that XP would see. I have tried 2 devices: external fujitsu 80gb hard drive installed in an Xannet USB 2.0 case. I formatted to FAT32 When I plug in no luck. Also a Belkin 8-1 Media Reader, nothing! On the Belkin site it lists device as Mac...
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    external hdd problem

    I have a Fuzitsu 2.5 80gb It won't show up either on my MAC G4 powerbook. I reformatted to FAT32 no luck. I tried another USB device 8-1 Belkin Media reader and same result. Is there a trick to tuning on USB devices on the MAC i am missing?