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    Register Here

    It'd finally give me a reason for keeping all my floppies all these years.
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    OS X Boot Error

    That's a kernel crash at startup. I used to have that problem, so I never installed anything that required a reboot. The best way to fix it is to get another computer with Os X on it copy the kernel files from it, to yours. The file is hidden at the root of the OS. It's called mach_kernel. Try...
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    Do you use DVD?

    I spend most of my time on my computer, which just happens to be in my bed room. For me I couldn't live without DVD on my computer. I only have a 13" TV, since I never watch TV, but a 19" monitor since it was affordable. The monitor's great for watching almost anything on. Can lay down in bed a...
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    Num lock for imac?

    The num lock does work. if you just press the button it turns it on, but for the most part you won't notice it unless you're using a program the recognizes it, such as Pagemaker. I don't know what other programs might use it. but on ym keyboard if I feal like having a green light on it, i just...
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    Browserwar turnaround?

    I'm greatly looking forward to 10.1, I have a very hard time going back to 9.2 (Yes I'm running 9.2 on my G4) 9.2 has been awsome, but since it's a very early beta, some of the extensions have expired, now I just need to wait for 9.2 to be fully released. The speed and compatability increase...
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    Browserwar turnaround?

    I've used IE, OmniWeb, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, and iCab for OS X. Mozilla never ran, or if it did, very slowly. Netscape ran slowly, I've heard of a bug that caused it to run slowly on DP machines, as is mine. IE is decent, doesn't often crash. OmniWeb is my main browser, I love all the...
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    I wanna get System 7 on the internet.

    Shouldn't be too hard to do, FreePPP works very well. I have an old LCIII in my workshop that I use for AIM, ICQ, and mail. It's running MacOS 7.5, so you might want to consider using 7.5, especially since 7.5 is free from apple. Netscape 2 works very well, as does iCab although iCab does run...
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    I need the speed!

    Under MacOS X dual processor machines are supported. I'm on a Dual G4-500 and processor load is divided up by the two processors. I love OS X, but will admit that the gui is slow. I will not go back to 9, OS X is stable, and extremly usable, so the gui's speed is a small price to pay. Hopefully...
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    What do you name your macs ?

    All my macs have names that describe them, or have a special meaning to me. Vash the Stampede is my DP G4-500 and it's 2 HDs are Asuka (from Evangelion) and KuroNeko Sama (Lord Black Cat from Trigun) One of my partitions on one drive is VashOS X, and is where OS X resides. 9.1 is on Asuka, and...