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    Connection lost after Airport ex update

    Hi I just installed the latest Airport Express update. It has closed down my network, and I can't get internet connection. I have plugged in an ethernet cable to send this message. The machine that the airport is connected to is a pre intel mac mini. I am sending this from my imac. I am...
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    Embedding fonts in Keynote

    Hi I can't seem to find any way to embed fonts into Keynote. The end job will be used on pc machines all over, and I have no way of knowing what fonts they have.
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    Corrupted mp3 file

    Hi Does anyone know of a program for mac that will repair mp3 files. I used a cd to make mp3 files. Can't find the original cd, and when I try to play the music there is a tiny glitsch on some of the tracks that drives me crazy. Thank you Christine
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    Strange dates

    Hi I run an imac. The one just before they built in the little camera. My machine was running weirdly a few weeks ago. It kind of ran a greyish tone over the whole screen with a warning. Same sort of symptoms that caused me to have to get a new mother board on it a couple of years ago...