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    Finding the right position for Herve

    While I don't have a better title than others for Herve himself, I do think we've stumbled on another "official _____" title. Others that confound and confuse us in the future could be promoted to.............'Official Herve'.
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    Slow and broken after security update

    Well, I didn't have a my first kernel panic today (never seen one before, from PB, to 10.0.x, and 10.1). Strangely, after having to unplug my imac after the kernel panic, it's way better now. Even my USB disk-on-key mounted. Very fast again, too! Wonder why...(and yes, I...
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    Slow and broken after security update

    Three unfun things have happened since the security update on my iMac rev B (256mb RAM): 1. Everything is slower, expecially classic. 2. File permissions changed all over the place...documents I use every day were suddenly read-only for me. 3. I have one of those "disk-on-key" USB devices...
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    Unable connect to internet w/OSX & G3

    one of the global village ones should work, including the apple gv script.