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    Weird trackpad PrefPane issues (10.5.4, MBPro 2.4GHz early 2008)

    Howdy Any idea what is going on here? This is a virgin Mac OS 10.5.4 with zero third-party software. I cannot get the Trackpad Preference Pane to load properly, as you can see. Is there a specific .plist file and/or cache(s) that I can locate and toss to fix this issue...
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    Powerbook hard drive solutions...?

    OK, so I'm probably quibbling here, but GadgetLover did NOT read my reply too closely -- I gave the "spotty reputation" label to the Orange Micro FireWire PC card, NOT the TravelStar drive. And I was, I think, careful enough to insert the qualifiers of "SOME" and "MAY" to my warnings about the...
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    Powerbook hard drive solutions...?

    I would offer some different advice on the particulars -- Instead of the IBM TravelStar, I would recommend the Fujitsu MHM2200: Why? -- well, the TravelStar has garnered a reputation for SOMETIMES pausing unexpectedly...