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    Cannot boot back to OS 9.2!

    You're right... it did finally let me boot from Norton Utilities and then from the OS 9.1 install disk. Clean install on one partition and a slight repair to another and I am back in business! Thanks to all who tried to help.
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    Cannot boot back to OS 9.2!

    Zapping PRAM was the first thing I tried to do. But I don't remember how to tell that it did anything. For one thing I had trouble getting the cmd-option-P-R keys down quickly enough (before it gave the reboot chime). Isn't it supposed to give a different sound when it zaps PRAM? The only...
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    Cannot boot back to OS 9.2!

    Holding down the option key just makes the computer reboot over and over. What is it supposed to do?
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    Cannot boot back to OS 9.2!

    If the system folder were not blessed, it would not show up in the MacOS X startup disk preferences, nor would I be able to run it in Classic. I only have the 9.2 update, not the full install. I suppose I can try installing *again* with 9.1.... if it will let me.
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    Cannot boot back to OS 9.2!

    I can set my startup disk to a 9.2 folder, no problem. But when it tries to boot into 9.2, it pauses with the smiley mac for a moment and then reboots back to 10.1! I have tried resetting the PRAM (cmd-option-P-R, right?), I have tried booting from an OS 9 installer CD-ROM. It doesn't help. I...
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    Screen saver control panel

    I don't seem to be able to activate the screen saver control panel. Whenever I try, it hangs indefinitely. I can kill it of course, but can never open it. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Language Scripts

    I think you have misunderstood me. I am not looking for localized version of the MacOS - just the ability to use non-Roman scripts in the US English version, as I can in OS 9. OS X now lets me write Russian or Japanese in my documents, but not Hebrew or Greek yet.
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    Language Scripts

    I note that 10.1 now includes Cyrillic and Chinese in addition to the Roman and Japanese scripts available in 10.0 - has anyone seen announcements from Apple on the timing of additional scripts, like Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic?
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    Epson drivers on the way!

    I note that the list still does not include serial printers like the once popular Color Stylus 600... ^:mad: I should have bought HP..... @#$%
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    FAX modem support?

    Does anyone know of any MacOS X-compatible FAX modem software? Do I really have to keep booting back to 9.1 to send and receive faxes?
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    Give me a BREAK

    It seems to me that people with fast processors (400 Mhz G4 or better) are quite happy with OS X performance. It is only those of us with the slower G3s that are feeling hammered. I just wish I could disable transparency in the menus and window bars, and anti-aliasing of system text. It is...
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    Give me a BREAK

    The Dock is not the most convenient place to go for things - you have to visually identify which icon represents your application and select it. And if you auto-hide the Dock so that it doesn't steal screen space, you also have to wait for it to reappear. This is significantly less convenient...
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    Give me a BREAK

    While the menu performance is *really* bad on my beige G3 266 (in the finder, about 5 seconds between a click and the menu showing up), I think I am even more bothered by the lack of attention to so many of the things which made the MacOS much more usable than Windows. o I now realize that...
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    Is it my install or is X too slow

    but that says nothing about the slow menus, window resizing, application launching, and other basic functions of the OS.
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    Interesting article about Apple's response (or lack of) to users

    The Human Interface Group was one of Apple's greatest assets; they were the one's who figured out what would make the computer usable, promulgated guidelines for use of GUI elements, icons, shading, and so on. Since Jobs killed the group, Apple has been making the same mistakes as Microsoft, but...
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    OS X 4L5

    Looking at the discussion on MacNN, it looks as though this one was not supposed to be out yet. I don't know why some people seem to have gotten it via SoftwareUpdate, but apparently 4L5 was released by someone breaking a non-disclosure; anyone who had it available on their iDisks seems to have...
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    Application Notification?

    In MacOS 9, as in previous versions, an application could send an alert by flashing its icon in the application menu, and tagging itself in the pull-down list. This was a very convenient way to discover that you had to do something without the app just forcing its way to the front a la Windows...
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    UNIX commands gone!

    Have you installed the developer's tools from the separate CD?
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    3rd Party Cards

    I have the Keyspan USB card; I went to the Keyspan site but did not find any MacOS X drivers for it; I didn't see them in my iDisk, and I have no idea where else I would even look for them. Fortunately, the drivers are still working in Classic, so at least my hardware has not been rendered...
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    Where are the man pages?

    I see several entries in /usr/share/man but I cannot get any answers when I type 'man set' or 'man setenv'. And when I type 'apropos setenv' I get: apropos: no whatis.db file found