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    No ftp connecitons

    Hello, I recently have been unable to connect to my MOSX machine via ftp. This was a feature that was working fine up until about two weeks ago. The Sharing panel has the "Allow FTP connections" option checked. I have even tried restarting the machine to no avail. As a side-note, the Apache...
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    How to Install PBX on Umax S900

    I just happened to stumble on a page that gives you a step by step methond of installing OS X PB on a Umax S900 with a G3 upgrade card. Good luck, I can't wait to get it running on mine:)
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    Wish I were

    Yes I checked both and Any other ideas?
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    Wish I were

    I've been wanting to try an old trick for OSX and have been unable to because I can't find an old utility. It was called Wish-I-Were. It was an init and Control Panel that would change the Gestalt ID of you machine so it would think it was some other mac. Does anyone know where you can...
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    Darwin 1.2.1 is for what?

    Okay, so does anyone know if you can install the Aqua GUI over the Darwin core?
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    Installing OSX on Umax S900

    AHHHHGGG. That's not the response I was hoping for:) Thank you though, I didn't know about the video problem and I may have a fix. I'll try and let everyone know how it comes out. Robyn J. Lyons
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    Installing OSX on Umax S900

    Has anyone had any luck getting OSX PB to install on a Umax S900. When i restart with the OSX Cd in the drive, the machine will show a happy mac, restart, and then the screen will go dark. I have to remove the OSX CD then rebot and zap the pram to get it to boot again. Any suggestions? How...