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    Stupid DVD got stuck in my Powerbook ! Help!

    Thanks for the replies! I have tried that "hold the mouse button down" a few times; didn't do the trick. Also I have an inkling that the problem is a bit more mechanical than anything solved by a re-start game of any sort. I saw another tip somewhere, about inserting another CD/DVD halfway in...
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    Stupid DVD got stuck in my Powerbook ! Help!

    Right, I've tried everything except going to the technicians that want money. I still would like to avoid that so if anyone have any clues, I would be oh so grateful! 1. There is a DVD that refuses to get out of my Powerbook Gigabit Ethernet ('Back to the Future'. Rental. Not important, just...
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    15" G4 Powerbook manual eject

    I have the same problem. A DVD is stuck in my drive, I've tried the holding-of-mouse-button, the firmware thingy, the F12 button results only in silly sounds when pressed, all in all; the DVD is still stuck... Any helpful hints? (I really wanted to see "Back to the Future II" after the first...
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    Computer Fans Speed Up After Startup Chime.

    I thought that was just normal... my G4 laptop does the same thing...