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    10.1 breaks ftpd?

    On 10.1 I've enabled FTP access in prefs, and started file sharing, but I don't see any ftpd process running when I restart, nor can users ftp in from remote ("access denied"). Any suggestions?
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    OS 10.1 breaks XDarwin?

    Finally got everything working: 1. update fink list using dselect update option. 2. install xfree86-base with Fink (dselect, not fink install). 3. install xfree86-rootless with fink dselect. 4. install XDarwin 1.0.3a per instructions. 5. followed Torrey Lions' instructions for bash users...
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    OS 10.1 breaks XDarwin?

    After updating to OS 10.1 I can no longer get XDarwin to work. I've updated XFree86 to the latest versions that Fink has (Xfree86-base and -rootless), and the latest version of Xdarwin (1.0.3a), and I've checked and rechecked mu path settings, but XDarwin still can't find xinit, apparently...
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    problems with apache

    tazmandevil wrote: > what? sorry, but thats not true! apple_hfs_module is correct! Well, it fixed apache for me, and others I know, after it stopped working after loading 10.1
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    problems with apache

    There is a fault in the file /private/etc/httpd/httpd.conf in OS X 10.1 The following line: LoadModule apple_hfs_module libexec/httpd/ should be: LoadModule hfs_apple_module libexec/httpd/ That should fix the problem.
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    If 10.1 performance sucks for you...

    If you want to sppeed up performance a lot, check this: Howver, if you're using 10.1 *don't* use the file "rc" that's included with the link on that page. instead, look at the lines that are commented out in that rc file, and comment...
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    Why isn't there right-click in OS X yet?

    I have an MS Intellimouse Explorer, and its the best mouse I've ever used, it blows away the Apple Pro mouse. 4-buttons and a scroll wheel, 2 buttons and the scroll wheel are recognized by OS 10 (even better in 10.1) without any added drivers. You can scroll finder windows and terminal windows...
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    Stuck At Blue Screen!!

    Try doing another install, on top of your existing. This will preserve your settings, but fix problems, anyway, it worked for me, after same problem.
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    10.1 New and Hidden Features

    I'm not sure if this is new to 10.1 or not, but if you command-click on an icon in the dock, it opens the enclosing folder.
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    10.1 New and Hidden Features

    the terminal app now lets you use control-click (or right click if you have a 2-button mouse) to copy, paste, and select all. Little, but hugely useful. Also, my ms intellimouse scroll wheel now works in terminal app and in the finder - without any special drivers.
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    how to change shell?

    Thanks! I found another way, from the command line (as root): niutil -createprop / /users/username shell /bin/bash Now I've compiled Bash 2.04 for OSX, and posted it, instructions on how to install it, here: I have one problem - when I start...
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    how to change shell?

    I've successfully compiled bash 2.04, but how do I change the default shell? I read somewhere that it has to be done through Netinfo, but I haven't a clue how. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Darwin 1.2.1 is for what?

    So, can it be used woth OS X PB? If so, how do I install it "over" OS X?
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    Darwin 1.2.1 is for what?

    I downloaded the latest release (1.2.1) of Darwin (, thinking that this would update the OS X kernel. The installation instructions, however, indicate that this needs to be installed on its own partition, which should first be...
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    yet another tips and tricks page

    Check out some tips and tricks at Enjoy!
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    SystemDisk util

    You must use the "SystemDisk" utility (found in the "macOS9" folder on the OSX disk) to select an OS X startup disk from OS 9. When using this utility, try selecting a disk by option-double-clicking it. You will see the boot options for that device. If you edit these options and save them, they...