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    Mac to use Intel Chips!

    If Apple moves to Intel, you can bet it won't be on any old Intel machine out there. They will likely manufacture their own motherboards, and OS X will be setup to run only on those motherboards, likely by looking for a special chip on the motherboard. Of course someone will eventually hack...
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    Compiling wxWidgets for 10.4?

    OK, so you do have the libraries linking. Good. Now that we know that, we need to determine: 1) Is wxWindowBase::RegisterHotKey(int, int, int) just in a library that you're not linking? This seems unlikely, because it looks like you're linking to all of them. 2) Is...
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    Compiling wxWidgets for 10.4?

    OK, all running wx-config does is to setup wxWidgets. If you want to actually use wxWindows in an xCode project, you need to add the appropriate wxWidgets libraries to your Xcode project. You can either drag-and-drop them or use "Add to project". If you try that and it still doesn't work...
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    Compiling wxWidgets for 10.4?

    Paste the entire command you're trying to compile with - then we can see if the right libraries are being linked and the proper paths specified.
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    Compiling wxWidgets for 10.4?

    Did you add the needed wx libs to your project? If you didn't, it won't link with them. Wade
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    REALLY simple question

    What did you do to have that code called? I'm guessing nothing, or it was called long before your window and button were ready for display. What you need to do is put that code in a awakeFromNib method of your controller. Then it will be called after your controller object is unarchived from...
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    REALLY simple question

    It's a completely different API - it takes some time to learn new ways of doing things. Honestly, the hardest thing about learning Cocoa is learning to look for the easy way of doing things. A Windows programmer will think, "well, to do that, I need to override this function and catch that...
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    Cant get the net through my airport express

    Yes, you're not understanding IP addressing correctly. You need to setup an IP addressing scheme on your "inside" network (the one containing the en0 interface of your Mac and the airport). Before I can give advice, I'd need to be sure I understand your network completely. Can you post...
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    Where is the 'data' folder of MySQL ?

    If mysql is installed on your system, then this command will find it: sudo find / -name mysql Wade
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    Where is the 'data' folder of MySQL ?

    I think it's /usr/loca/mysql/data, but since I don't have MySQL installed at the moment, I can't double-check that. Of course if you use Fink to install it, it will be under the /sw tree. To search for it, use the unix find command, rather than using the GUI Find (which doesn't search...
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    Really want to run these graphic programs/applications- Help Please

    Depends on where gimp was installed. If it was done with fink, then from an Xterm window, you'd do something like "/sw/bin/gimp &" Wade
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    Where to put C++ Libraries

    While the post above is correct, I just want to point out a few things to new programmers. Outputting to an object file is not usually necessary for simple projects. You can just do: gcc test.c -o test This will automatically compile and link your app, and produce and executable called...
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    How does one deal with firewalled users?

    Multicast traffic won't traverse the Internet. On some firewalls, once the interior computer starts sending traffic, it will let return data back in. As for the address issue, what you need to do is have a server process that's in charge of communicating with all the clients and keeping...
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    Files & fopen()

    Of course there are ways to do it C and Carbon. You need to use FSRefMakePath() to change the FSRef into a path. See: Wade
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    broken debugger -- help needed urgently

    I'd start over. Remove the ADT and CW. Reinstall the ADT first, and then CW. Wade
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    CHUD kext loading ...

    First thing I'd do is download the latest CHUD. I'd then run CHUD remover and reinstall. Wade
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    Failed to config GOPchop--Please help

    You need to install the perl XML::Parser module. Usually the procedure is: Download the module from CPAN ./configure make sudo make install
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    securing a new dsl wi-fi home network?

    If you really want to be secure, turn off filesharing and use an SFTP or scp. Wade
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    Web server Jaguar?

    First things first. Go to Is the IP address shown the same as the one you're giving out? Next, go here: and use it to ping your address. Did it work? Next, use test 1 on this page...
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    Setting environment variables (PATH, etc) outside shell

    What's the GL_ENABLE_DEBUG_ATTACH used for? I haven't seen that one before. Is that X11 related? Wade