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    Canon MPC200 Photo Printer

    Hello. I am Gábor. How can I use my canon MPC200 Photo printer in mac osx Tiger? I have just windows driver :( Thanks. Bye.
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    Azona mouse with one button function?

    Hello. How can I set a Azona mouse that this will work only as one button mouse? The left and right button function so will than the one button apple mouse. Thanks. Bye.
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    Windows winpop talk with ichat?

    Hello. I am Gábor from Hungary. I can't good in English, but i try :) I have an ask: Can ichat talk with windows winpopup? What is the randevouz in ichat? Thanks. Gábor.
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    See wmv stream with mplayer

    Hello. I am Gábor from Hungary. I would like ask that how can I see wmv stream with mplayer (don't windows media player)? All browser open it with windows media player, but that can't play the stream. In linux the mplayer can play this stream. Thanks. Bye