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    Updating the Firmware

    I've been reading articles over the last few months from G5 1.8 single users that started having problems after upgrading to Tiger. Apple responded by releasing a firmware upgrade for 600MHz owners around 10/31/05. But I have the 900MHz. In system profiler I can see which firmware version I have...
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    Get info not reporting # of files

    you have a folder with 20+ folders in it. in each folder you have anywhere from 4-400 files in them. how do you get info on the main folder to find how many total files are in it? XP reports it in the properties but get info does not to my knowledge.
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    Hooking up Parallel Printer to G5

    So I made it this far, they want me to set up the linex enviroment first before installing the hpijs drivers. But as far as I know, anything I install using a linux os won't be accesible when booted as a mac. This makes no sense to me. It...
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    Hooking up Parallel Printer to G5

    Anyone have any recommendations whether I should go with the parallel to usb converter or just get a parallel card. This printer is now discontinued by HP and it appears that only windows drivers existed. What are the chances this printer will work with OS 10.3.9?
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    Power Mac G5 Will Not Wake From Sleep, Fans Blowing Full Blast

    Tutorials Tuesday, March 01 2005 @ 03:30 AM PST Tutorial: Dealing with Wake-from-sleep issues These fixes deal specifically with the two most common wake-from-sleep issues affecting Mac OS X systems -- a completely blank screen with the system unresponsive where a forced restart is usually...
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    Typing additional info on TIFF file

    a simple fix would be to place the tiff into word. (you may have to convert the tiff to jpg first) then insert text boxes over the scanned image.
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    Unable to install an OS onto external HD

    Thanks for all the replies! Just for the record, I also posted this question on another board and got this response which worked for me. Sounds like a glitch? "Boot your install CD, and go straight to Utilities, Disk Utility. Now erase the lacie, formatting as HFS. Be sure when erasing...
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    Unable to install an OS onto external HD

    Are you booting from the install disc? Yes In the Get Info window for the drive, what are the Permissions? Read & Write Is there a box for ignore Permissions? Yes
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    File Associations

    I've tried checking the box that says "Always Open With" but it hasn't work globally.
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    Unable to install an OS onto external HD

    I've tried installing OS X on 2 different HD's. Ive tried it with and wth out journaling enabled but not matter what I've tried, I still get the following error message. here is a screen capture of the error message i am getting during install...
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    File Associations

    How do you change what program is run when opening a document. for example, currently preview opens adobe documents, i would prefer acrobat reader to do this. i've found how to change it for specific files by selecting the file choosing get info then changing the open with but how do you change...