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    Numbers: calculating sum of variable range

    Hi I want to sum the values in one table between column C2 and a variable end. I thought the ADDRESS function might help and tried the following: (if this would have worked, I'd replace the 7 with 7+A1): =SUM(Table 2 :: C2:ADDRESS(7,3)) The result is the value of column C2...
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    iBook G4 external display

    Hi I've got a iBook G4, 12inch and would like to attach an external display. Technically it works, however not very clear/sharp. I reckon that's because of the graphic card not coping- It this true and is there any way to upgrade the graphic card? Thanks, Jan
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    Windows XP can't connect the AirPort Extreme

    Thanks for your help! Here is what is did: -Configured airport exterme rto use WEP -turned off aiport on my mac -deleted entry for thie network in key chains -turned aiport on -network appeared as available -selected network -entered password (for WEP) -successfully joined the network...
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    Windows XP can't connect the AirPort Extreme

    Hi I have trouble connecting my PC to Airport Exterme using encyption. Without security everything is fine, but as soon as I select WEP or WAP/WAP2 Windows can't even see the network anymore. I'm using the latest Airport Exterme (just bought it) and D dlink dwl g510 pc card in my Windows...
  5. J Strange Behaivour Send Mail

    Thanks for your help. In fact I have just configures one SMTP server and the mails will be delivered - after i pressed several times "use this server". (without actually changing it!)..
  6. J Strange Behaivour Send Mail

    Hello, when I try to send an email using I always get a pop-up telling that there is a problem send the mail suggesting to select another outgoing server. I can choose between "edit mail", "use this server" or "try later again". When I choose "use this server" without any change...